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Dynamite Duke box artIt's the early 21st century. Pollution has got to such a stage where the ozone layer is in danger of collapsing completely, leaving the Earth a barren wasteland. Mankind's last hope is a secret project that will enable the human form to withstand the harsh environment of the future. But, as per usual, something has gone terribly awry.

One of the project team's top scientists has turned renegade, utilising the secret formula to develop his own army of mutant warriors in order to rule the world. Only one man stands in his way - "Dynamite" Duke, a veteran of many a conflict.

Armed only with a submachine gun and a bionic arm, Duke must fight through five levels to reach the now-insane rogue scientist to retrieve the formula and save the world!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" A similar style of play to the Master System version, but the Megadrive game is a bit tougher, giving more of a challenge. The graphics are almost coin-op perfect, and there are some really nice audio touches. However, overall, Dynamite Duke fails to really enthrall because it becomes very reptitive after a couple of days, and pretty darn difficult if you're not used to playing games like this. Fans of the original arcade machine will certainly enjoy this, but even then, not for long. "

" The Megadrive version of Dynamite Duke shows just how good the Sega version is. When you compare the two, the difficulties between them are purely cosmetic. As you'd expect, the graphics are as close to the arcade game as you're ever likely to get and sound is pretty much spot-on. But when it comes to gameplay, the Megadrive version is almost indentical to the Sega in the fact that it's very addictive at first, but lacks lasting appeal. There are extra difficulty levels, but really they don't make the game that much harder. Dynamite Duke will definitely appeal to shoot 'em up fans, but anyone else should try before they buy. "


Overall Score79%

Retrospective comments


Being a Megadrive owner in the early 90's felt like a real privilege. If you happened to play an arcade machine you really liked, there was a pretty good chance that it would be winging its way to Sega's console in the near future. Dynamite Duke is a good example of this. I popped a few pence into the arcade machine and instantly fell in love. Fast-forward a few months, and the game is released on the Megadrive! Although it looks like an Operation Wolf clone, Dynamite Duke brings quite a few new ideas to the table. Firstly, your character is on-screen, and can dodge oncoming bullets (it always annoyed me in Operation Wolf that you had no ability to do this). You can also dish out hand-to-hand punishment - although this is reserved for the bosses only, which is a shame. Finally, Duke has a special 'Dynamite' attack, which when charged up clears the screen of bad guys. Although the game has its faults - it's too easy, the graphics occasionally dip below average and the audio experience is less than impressive - it remains a firm favourite of mine.

jim e - 31 Jan 2008, 21:50 GMT

I loved how the first boss would die oh-so gracefully - with a flatulent sounding bang! And also how the bullets just looked like giant smarties.
Oh those were the funny days...

Dan - 24 Feb 2009, 10:29 GMT

This weren't a bad game, however it lack that feeling of contact, that "umph", when shooting a bad guy or getting shot, and the overall game was too easy.

Tanuki75 - 16 Aug 2009, 20:03 GMT

Had a great arcade feel about it, I liked the punchout style fights with the bosses. Still fun to revisit for comedy value ll round!

Mean Machines Issue 6 - March 1991
Arcade Conversion Sega Megadrive
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Dynamite Duke

Dynamite Duke

Dynamite Duke

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