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Dr Mario box artMario's been involved in some pretty wild adventures of late what with the Nintendo Super Mario series, but with this all-new puzzle game, Mario's moved into medicine!

And a good thing he has too, because one of the experiments in the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital has gone drastically wrong and horrid viruses are spreading everywhere!

Luckily good old Mario has developed a super vitamin with which to combat the menace - but he needs your help in dealing with the molecular meanies!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" At first sight this appears to be yet another Tetris clone. Investigation reveals that the gameplay is considerably different - destroying the viruses (that should be viri, but I'm a smartass) (well according to my Collins English Dictionary it IS viruses, but then I'm a smartass too - Jaz) is a tricky procedure that requires a strategy that's close to - but not the same as - Columns. As with all puzzle games, Dr Mario has a problem with its long-term playability; it's great fun for a while, but you'll be bored with it soon. However, it's definitely one to be dug out of the cupboard on regular occasions, in the same way as Tetris and Columns. Still, it's a must-buy for all puzzle fans. "

" I liked Columns a lot, but in places it was ridiculously easy. But Dr Mario's even better, what with dealing with all the germs as well as creating the columns. When you first start playing, clearing the screen of germs is quite a tall order but once you've got the hang of it, there's tons to keep you glued - like creating cunning multiples for example. Dr Mario is a mega-addictive game that certainly deserves a place in any NES owner's collection, although if you're after a single puzzle game to keep you occupied, Tetris still rules. "


Overall Score88%

Retrospective comments


One of the better Tetris clones that were so rife on the retro consoles. With this one basically you line up 4 or more coloured pills and they disappear. The twist here is to combine pills with the bugs and make the bugs disappear. When you have cleared the screen you move to the next harder level.

It sounds dull but it is really good fun. The thing I like most about this is you can really tell what you are doing. It is not so fast paced that everything is a blur of colours and you are forced to make rash decisions. The music is quite quirky which adds to things too. The graphics are dated yes as this is an NES game, but it really does not matter for this game in all honesty.

Once you've got the hang of things you'll be setting up chains before you know it. In 2 player mode this tactic is essential to rain down an avalanche of pain on your unwitting opponent.

super mario flash games - 20 May 2015, 19:56 GMT

One of my favorite childhood Mario games. I spent many hours playing this great title. Never succeeded to get it finished though.

Mean Machines Issue 5 - February 1991
Puzzle Game Nintendo Entertainment System
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Dr Mario

Dr Mario

Dr Mario

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