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Nearly everyone is happy in Vera City, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The problem is, one person is incredibly jealous of Minnie's beauty and popularity. Mizrabel the evil witch was having a particularly bad day, and so decided to kidnap Minnie, using her evil magic to spirit her away to the Castle of Illusion. That's where she is now, and Mickey wants you to help him rescue her!

That's where the problems really start. When Mickey arrives at the Castle of Illusion, he finds that to stand any chance of doing away with the evil Mizrabel, he has to infiltrate seven huge platform-infested scrolling levels. At the end of each is a Master of Illusion. Each guards a rainbow jewel, and when Mickey has them all he can use the power to overthrow Mizrabel in a final, epic confrontation!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Crikey! Sega have done Mickey Mouse proud with this absolutely superb platform game! Perhaps the reason behind its success is the fact that they "borrowed" elements from both the Nintendo Mario and Mega Man series. Some of the platform puzzles I recognised as coming straight out of Mega Man 2! That's no bad thing though, because Mickey Mouse is just so good to play that you'll be beavering away on your Sega for months. The graphics are brilliant - each of the seven worlds has its own theme, my fave has to be the ice-cream level (you can even swim in the ice-cream!). For graphical variety, addictive nature and brilliance of gameplay, Mickey Mouse is the best Sega release for a long while. Buy it now! "

" He might be over 50 years old, but Mickey Mouse is one of the most athletic heroes seen in a video game! There are loads of hazards to overcome, and you'll need to call on all your platform skills to guide Mickey past the tricky obstacles and traps evil witch Mizrabel has laid! To go along with the tough and challenging gameplay are some absolutely stunning graphics! The Mickey Mouse sprite is beautifully animated and looks like he's been lifted straight out of a cartoon - wait until you see some of the expressions he pulls, and just watch him flail his arms when he teeters on the edge of a precipice! Not only are the sprites excellent, the backgrounds are also superb, with bright and colourful cartoon-style landscapes. Mickey Mouse is the best Sega game seen in a long time - make it a priority purchase. "


Overall Score93%

Retrospective comments


What a superb game. I remember I picked this up after finishing the Megadrive Mickey Mouse, castle of illusion. Whilst the graphics and sound are obviously not as good this is an excellent Master System platformer and I think I probably preferred it even to the excellent castle of illusion. Some of the catchy tunes are still emblazed into my head to this day. The levels have great variety and there is lots fun to be found.

Steve - 19 Jan 2013, 21:33 GMT

I absolutely loved this game! I remember I was the first out of all my mates to beat the chocolate boss.
I more or less ran the show ater this.

Tens - 17 Apr 2013, 15:57 GMT

Brilliant platformer this one, The graphics, Music & game play are all spot on with a good degree of a challenge throughout the entire game, I liked this one more than the Mega Drive version.
10/10 I give this one.

Andreas Ã…kermark Wernlund - 24 May 2015, 21:20 GMT

If you are only going to buy one game for your Master System this year make it this one! Excellent graphics, sweat music, superb Controls, this game have it all! Having a wounderful Disney character like Mickey Mouse as a hero makes it even better.Overall score: 100%

Mean Machines Issue 4 - January 1991
Platform Game Sega Master System
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