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Ever had one of those birthday parties where everything goes wrong? Gotham city's 200th Anniversary Festival has turned out like that. Criminals are in the middle of a spree, and the city is paralysed by violence and mayhem.

Of course someone's masterminding this diabolical scheme - Jack Napier, aka the Joker. It's up to one man (or flying rat, if you prefer) to stop him - Batman. With five stages, each divided into four levels, this is no easy task. There are fifteen types of baddie and five death-dealing end-of-level bosses to be disposed of as the Caped Crusader hacks his way through to the final showdown with the Joker.

Aiding the Batman in his meanderings are numerous power-ups that are scattered around the landscape. These give extra points, more ammunition, or replenish life energy. As Batman can only take eight hits before exploding in a spectacular fashion, more energy is a must. As well as the standard punch the Batman picks up a spear gun, a Batarang, or a Dirk (not Bogarde, but a shuriken thing) along the way. The bosses come in many shapes and sizes; Killer Moth, the Electrocutioner, Firebug and would you believe it a Dual-Container Alarm all try to ruin Dark Knight's day. Die, and the joke's on you...

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Holy console action! Batman on the Nintendo has turned out to be a real event, with gameplay oozing from every pore (do cartridges have pores?). The graphics are well-defined and rather pretty also; and the array of foes, each with it's own form of attack, puts this game way ahead of most NES games being released at the moment. The animated sequences - especially the Batmobile - left me with my jaw agape they were so good. It's a shame that Batty doesn't have any Batarangs from the word go, and has to rely on his fists, but that's just the psychopath in me coming out. For once, the TV advertising has some real muscle behind it, and if you are a Nintendo owner, miss this game at your peril. "

" Sporting an extra chip which enhances the graphics, Batman is a visual treat. The backgrounds are sombre-looking, but give the game a dark and brooding atmosphere so prevalent in the film. And it's not just a pretty face. The gameplay is platform-based, with loads of baddies to kapow and extra weapons to collect. There are 20 levels to beat, but the difficulty level is very nicely balanced and the gameplay is addictive enough to keep you coming back time and time again. Batman is expensive, but it's a first class cart that's deserving of any Nintendo owner's collection. "


Overall Score87%

Pedgerow - 22 Jan 2009, 22:07 GMT

What? No mention of the greatest video game music of all time? I disapprove :(
Otherwise, 87% is about right. Mostly because of the music.

FelipeScotland - 09 Dec 2011, 14:49 GMT

87% ...while a great score, I personally think it is not high enough. I think around 90%-94% is fairer.

The level 1 music score is still one of the best tunes I have ever heard on a console. The graphics are awesome and looked like they really pushed the NES to its limit ...and lets not forget the playability and fantastic learning curve. It is right up there somewhere in between Mega Man 2 and Ninja Gaiden (AKA Shadow Warriors)

Artikbot - 15 Dec 2011, 17:15 GMT

It really has one hell of a visuals, that additional chip really added lots of juice to it! It really puts you inside the scene you're playing.

My only dislikes about it it's that it can be a bit frustrating on the first levels, because when you get the hook of Batman BAM, it tosses you to fight a boss that's fast as hell (or at least it seems so when you fight it the first time), with you barely knowing how to jump in time to avoid mines! :P

Other than that, it's an amazing game, with very accurate controls and with a very rewarding gameplay system.

The music is astonishing, too.

Andreas Ã…kermark Wernlund - 29 May 2015, 20:40 GMT

Batman for the Nes have to be one of the most awesome video-games of all time! Impressive cut scenes that blows you away. Music so cool it puts rock and synth to an entire new level. As Batman its your job to clean up the streets of scum! Use one of your many bat-gadges or just dish out some punishment with your fists!! Overall score: 100%

Mean Machines Issue 3 - December 1990
Platform Game Nintendo Entertainment System
Publisher: Sunsoft
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