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If playing computer games is Japan's national past-time, golf must be a close second. Hardly similar events, but their obsession knows no bounds. Arnold Palmer, the American pro player, has endorsed this simulation of the sport. But don't worry - you don't have to wear checked trousers and a Pringle sweater to play it.

The game centres around a tournament, but practice modes are available - and important if you want to hold your own in the main event. Choose your club, find the leg position that suits you best, check the wind strength and direction, and make your stroke. This is achieved by pressing the button once to start the backstroke, pressing again at the top of the swing, and a third time to connect with the ball.

The choice of club is paramount: choose a wood when only 80 yards from the green and the ball goes sailing into the woods - or off a cliff, as some of the courses are in very strange locations indeed!

Not a game that is easily mastered, Arnold Palmer's Golf requires a lot of practice and perseverance. But it certainly is pretty....

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Nintendo golf was always one of the highlights of the machine with its variable wind, clubs, and shot strength. Arnold Palmer's Golf is very much in the same tradition, but with greatly improved graphics (although the music's diabolical). It offers a stiff challenge, with testing courses; like any sporting game, though, it's much better with two players. I don't think this takes the genre that much further than the Nintendo game, but it's hugely enjoyable nonetheless. I recommend it to anyone interested in a golf game. "

" As golf games go, this is a very good example. Using big sprites, convincing graphics and a variety of player moves, this simulates the sport very well. It's pretty tough, especially when you're playing the tournament mode, but there are practice and two-player options to help you get to grips with the rather difficult course. I certainly enjoyed playing the game, and I think that any sports fan will find this both addictive and challenging - and your Dad will absolutely love it! "


Overall Score83%

hoolak - 02 Dec 2008, 12:53 GMT

I have a love/hate relationship with this game. Firstly, it played a great game of golf. However, I could hardly get on my Megadrive to play it, as my dad got addicted to this. He would get on it late at night and when I awoke next day for school, he'd be still on it! Later he got hooked to PGA Tour Golf too. It made me conciously swerve golf and american football games from then on, but it all went to sh*t again when somehow he got hooked to Sonic. Thank goodness I still don't live at home with all this Everybody's Golf and Tiger games.

Mean Machines Issue 3 - December 1990
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Arnold Palmer's Golf

Arnold Palmer's Golf

Arnold Palmer's Golf

Arnold Palmer's Golf

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