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Bomberman '93 box artWill there ever come a day when evil villains decide to give it all up in favour of getting an honest job, instead of stealing your girly and holding her to an extremely high ransom? This time, it's poor old Bomberman's lass who's been blagged by the bad guys and, as usual, the only way he can get her back is by confronting the evil doers face to face.

But, not being best pleased with the prospect of getting caught red-handed, the kidnappers have hidden themselves deep in a labyrinth of mazes. So, along with his bottomless pouch of bombs, the man Bomber sets off in search of his lovely!

Overall Score90%

Retrospective comments


Bomberman is a classic series and there can be few gamers out there who haven't experienced at least one of the countless versions that have been published on pretty much every format known to man. The ‘93 edition is one of the better versions of the game as the basic gameplay hasn’t been complicated with the 'zany' features which appear in later versions. The less said about the XBOX 360 version at this point the better!

For those who haven’t yet played a Bomberman game (where have you been?) the basic idea is you move about a grid of walls and place bombs to try and blow up your enemies. Power-ups appear along the way such as faster speed, bigger bomb blasts or the ability to drop multiple bombs at the same time.

The single player mode will most likely not hold your attention for that long. There are 8 worlds comprising of 8 stages each culminating with a boss battle. It is good fun and Hudson did all they could with it but Bomberman by nature is a competitive multiplayer game so before long on your own the repetition will most likely get to you.

With up to 5 players in multiplayer mode however Bomberman 93 is insanely addictive. If you have the controllers (and friends) to play this title you should get this game right now.

mariogames - 19 Mar 2013, 08:03 GMT

I prefer the PC version of Bomberman over the available classic console ones.

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Bomberman '93

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