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Columns box artColumns is loosely derived from Tetris, as it involves arranging falling blocks in such a way as to clear them. However, in columns they are groups of 3 same-size but varying color blocks, which must be arranged into sequences of 3 or more, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Sequences of 4 or 5 count for double or triple points, and diagonal sequences score the most. The real trick is to set up 'combos' - where one line causes other blocks to drop so as to create other lines.

As well as the normal game mode, there is also a 'flash' mode, in which the aim is simply to remove a particular block from the base of the pre-formed pile of bricks. The difficulty of this can be determined by increasing the number of complete rows which are already in place.

Overall Score90%

Tris Wicks - 11 Nov 2008, 01:58 GMT

There's still something special about MD Columns. It's defo right up there with GB Tetris and DS zookeeper. Pleasing stuff.

hoolak - 02 Dec 2008, 12:56 GMT

I can still hear the music echoing away now.... Dad? please can I have a go now? :(


Richy Girth - 10 Jul 2009, 18:54 GMT

This beastie is on Sega Megadrive collection on the PSP too.
Nice to get that portability thang happening.
Still as addictive and pleasing as ever.
19 years have been kind to this classic.

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