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Donkey Kong Jr. box artDonkey Kong has finally been captured by Mario! Reverse roles and help his son Junior avoid many dangers to save the giant ape. Here is another smash hit of the early Eighties.

Not long after the successful platform game Donkey Kong, Nintendo released this highly popular sequel in which, for the first and only time, Mario plays the role of the "bad guy". To reflect Junior's abilities, it is now possible to climb vines and drop fruits on your enemies. A precious tip is that it is possible to move much faster by grabbing two vines at the same time.

Donkey Kong Jr. is considered by many as a timeless classic. The main protagonist later reappeared as one of the drivers in the original Super Mario Kart.

Overall Score46%

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Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr.

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