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Pinball box artThis cute pinball simulator was one of the first video games of the genre and still holds dear to many NES owners. Just as on a real pinball table, your goal is to flip the ball up and never let it fall off the bottom. How many points can you get?

Thanks to a clever design and a good simulation of real pinball physics, Pinball remains an enjoyable challenge even today. You might find numerous surprising ways to improve your score. Pinball also features a hidden bonus game in which Mario must save Pauline, just as he did in Donkey Kong. Younger players should not mistake Pauline for Princess Peach, or she will get quite angry!

Overall Score80%

Retrospective comments


Pinball machines have been around for decades. The video game industry has tried to bring that magic home. Pinball on the NES did just that. With simple graphics and no flashy tricks, this game proves that less can be better. The playfield is split into two screens, allowing for ease of play without scrolling. There are no skill shots, mysteries, multi-ball but the simplicity is one of this games saving graces.

Sure the graphics and sound and dated now, but this is a pinball simulation, who cares?

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