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Ristar box artIt's a father-son kind of thing in outer space. Again. Whilst relaxing deep in his watery planetary star home, little Ristar receives a panicked message from the strange wormlike people who wear Fezs, going something along the lines of "someone's kidnapped your father, the great leader, and enslaved the local populace. Er, help!".

Rising from his stupor, Ristar prepares for an interstellar mercy mission. His cute five-pointed look is deceptive - only one person ever called him 'Twinkle' at school, and they only ever did it once, because Ristar was Alpha Centauri head-butting champion three solar cycles on the trot. Evolution has given him an exceptionally hard forehead and extended arms to match. This so-called 'evil tyrant' is going to wish he had never been born…

Overall Score84%

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