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If you're stupid enough to be into drugs then you might be interested in Nuke, the new designer narcotic to hit the streets of Old Detroit. But on the other hand, there are a few things that might just put you off.

First, it's instantly addictive, second it's quite lethal, third Robocop has a nasty habit of shooting people found in possession of Nuke and fourth it gives you spots. None of this has stopped Cain the loony from building up a huge market for the stuff in Old Detroit, a market which you, as Robocop, must destroy. As everyone knows the best way to do this is to raid all the safehouses and factories which supply and produce Nuke and shoot everyone except the people in charge, whom it's handy to arrest. Oh, and seize all of the drugs too. This is Robo's new mission in life, one which you must help him carry out.

Robocop 2 is another horizontally scrolling platform blaster from Ocean. It's more or less a conversion of their home computer titles starring you as the running, jumping and shooting cyborg on a mission of doom. There are several levels to conquer before the final showdown with Cain, who is now transformed into the deadly Robocop 2.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" NES owners aren't exactly having a lot of luck with their Robocop games. The original Robocop was pretty sad, and this one is not a lot better. The problem lies in Robo's inertia, which makes him all but uncontrollable. You tend to find yourself sliding all over the place - often to your doom as you plummet over the edge of a platform to certain death. The other major downer of the game is the difficulty level. The quotas for completion of each level are so tight that missing just one phial of Nuke bars your way to the next level, and the firing range is nigh-on impossible to beat. This is really a shame as the graphics and sound are much improved over Robocop and the game itself would be quite a laugh if it wasn't so difficult. "

" Although it's a frustratingly difficult game, I actually enjoyed playing Robocop 2. Granted, the inertia makes the going tough and there are some parts of the game which are incredibly tricky to get through, but the high quality of the graphics and sound made me persevere with it and eventually get through. There are plenty of neat touches to keep you interested and loads of secret screens to discover, so there are never any dull bits. Experienced platform players should love Robocop 2, but those who lack patience or ability might well find themselves tearing their hair out with frustration after a few sessions. My advice is to give it a go before buying. "


Overall Score72%

Mean Machines Issue 24 - September 1992
Platform Game Nintendo Entertainment System
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