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A real cult hit, this two-player super-cute game was quite a rarity in the UK arcades but wherever it appeared it was massively successful. It spawned two sequels, Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars.

GAME: Guide Bub and Bob through 100 levels of bubble-blowing action, blat the baddies and beat Baron Von Blubba in order to return to human form.

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" Although the screen layouts have been tweaked for Gameboy, this basically plays exactly the same as the arcade game and provides much addiction and challenge. My only gripe is that you have to set the screen quite dark to see the very pallid balloons. Other than that this is highly recommended - especially with two players! "

Overall Score91%

Emarcio - 14 Mar 2010, 15:55 GMT

This was a great game in the middle of 90's. I really aprecciate it.

Mean Machines Issue 23 - August 1992
Platform Game Nintendo Gameboy
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