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A milestone in beat 'em ups, Double Dragon spawned a million clones with its revolutionary two-player action and never-before-seen-moves.

GAME: Billy (and Jimmy if you play two-players) must travel to the bad side of town, take on a huge gang and rescue their pal. It's combat all the way.

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" Unrealistic graphics, awful 3D, hopeless controls and dreadful gameplay make this the crappiest version of Chase HQ I've ever seen. It's almost impossible to avoid cars at high speed and the way the car handles is a joke - it slides off the road at the merest hint of a bend. A dreadful game which should be avoided at all costs. "

Overall Score83%

Andreas Ã…kermark Wernlund - 28 May 2015, 12:19 GMT

Ok, time again for some Karate action! Double Dragon on the game boy is an awesome version of the arcade game. Sprites are big and detailed. Controls are easy and the music is just super cool! So tie that band around your head because its time to clean up the scums from the streets! Overall score: 100%

Mean Machines Issue 23 - August 1992
Beat 'Em Up Nintendo Gameboy
Publisher: Tradewest
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Double Dragon

Double Dragon

Double Dragon

Double Dragon

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