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If you were one of those people who thought the Turtles had disappeared simply because they were unfashionable and nobody liked them anymore, here is final proof of your mistakery. In fact, the four amphibian assassins have been on a misadventure through time and space and have only just returned to present day Earth. Of course such popular characters would never just duck out of the limelight deliberately, and responsibility for their absence rest solely on the shoulders of the nefarious Shredder. The spiky armoured one (remember him?), in an obvious fit of jealousy banished the team to a Prehistoric Era. The only way our heroes can escape is by finding and defeating the epitome of evil for that time period. Should they do this they are warped a little closer to their home time. Naturally, all the green-skinned wonders' Ninja prowess is put to the test in this horizontally scrolling beat 'em up, but with turtle power on their side, how can they fail?

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" After the hype of the film had died down I was hoping I'd never have to lay eyes on those green shelled gits again. But here I am, reviewing a game swarming with the fab four. Thank God then that it's damn good. What would be classed as a regular beat 'em up has some dazzling features. Immediately noticeable is the standard of the graphics which capture the spirit of the cartoon perfectly. So does the animation, employing some incredible effects, including highly entertaining moments when the enemies are thrown beyond the screen. The action is deliriously fast, and moves both across and up the screen, and there are no end of enemy sprites attacking from all directions. And before SNES owners start worrying about the possibility of slowdown, I can say that I didn't notice any. I also liked the inclusion of the time trial and one on one action which give TMNT a bit more depth. At the same time though I'd agree with Rad that because the beat 'em up action is much more the same all the way through, things can get a bit routine even in two-player mode. But this aside, TMNT makes one of the best beat 'em ups around. Just don't expect me to shout “Cowabunga” OK? Aaaaagggh! I just did! "

" TMNT IV is one of the most impressive looking games on the SNES yet. The detail and animation on the sprites plus the amount of attention put into the backgrounds is stunning. What's more, the SNES manages to animate tons of sprites at a time with no signs of slowdown. TMNT is also packed full of humorous details and touches that make even being severely beaten up enjoyable (if you like that sort of thing). ON the gameply front the programmers have thankfully only loosely based the game on the dismal coin-op of the same name and have utterly revamped the gameplay, making it a proper laugh, especially in two-player mode. However, there are some clouds looming over the daintily coloured horizon that is TMNT IV. The main problem is that it's all pretty much the same all the way through, so once you get about three quarters of the way through the game your attention starts to wander. The other problem is that it's easy, and experienced players should beat it after a couple of days. However, the two bonus games combat the problem of tedium slightly. If you're likely to have a second player around all the time and fancy some groovy beat 'em up thrills, this is definitely a title to seek out. Sadly, lonesome players should think about renting it for a weekend before purchasing TNMT. "


Overall Score80%

Retrospective comments


WOW, this game is a blast from the past. I am amazed this game didn't get a better review given the fun we had on it in our youth. Whilst I don't think this was a straight port of the coin-op it was very similar and I think it improved on it in many ways (the use of mode 7 when you through a foot soldier through the screen was quite cool)

The gameplay did get repetitive after a while but for a quick pick up and play this 2 player arcade beat-em-up shouldn't be missed!

Dan - 15 Apr 2009, 13:27 GMT

A decent, but repetative and rather shallow, beat em up at best. Got very boring very fast, and i always thought the turtles were gay anyway. I mean, Turtles? who gave a shit? Give me Final Fight or Streets of Rage anyday.

Steve - 07 Sep 2009, 05:58 GMT

This is one of those games you rent. Good for a quick blast over a weekend, but after then you'd be quite happy to never play the damn thing again.

andrew - 14 Nov 2009, 15:57 GMT

Yes it was shallow, but I loved it, Final Fight and Streets of Rage are better, but I would only say slightly, Double Dragon on the megadrive was quite funky, but I did enjoy it. Konami were never better than on the snes. Turtles in Time should just be remembered as a good slice of fighting......

Mean Machines Issue 23 - August 1992
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Turtles in Time

Turtles in Time

Turtles in Time

Turtles in Time

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