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Poor old Chuck Rock! His missus has been mercilessly kidnapped by the evil Gary Gritter! In his quest to rescue Ophelia, his lady love, he has to follow Gritter through some of the most treacherous areas of prehistoric Earth until he faces his arch-nemesis in the final showdown!

What this generally entails is screen after scrolling screen of platform fun as Chuck uses his incredible cunning along with his massive belly-butting and rock-throwing abilities against the many stone age terrors.

Have you got what it takes to rescue Chuck Rock's wife from the clutches of evil?

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Obviously the excellent graphics and sounds have been somewhat trimmed down during the translation from Megadrive to Master System, but the rest of the game has everything that made the 16-bit version such a laugh, and the end result is one of the best platform games available on the Master System. There's a real sense of fun running throughout the game, and the highly enjoyable platform action combined with the logical puzzle solving adds up to a Master System game that you'd be daft to miss. "

" Okay, so the graphics aren't as good as the Megadrive version. However, Chuck Rock is still as playable as the 16-bit version with the same great fusion of reaction-testing and mini-puzzle solving. The game is really challenging as well. The first couple levels may be quite simple to complete , but after that it's a completely different story and many hours will be spent as you try to get closer to Gary Gritter's lair. I had a lot of fun with Chuck Rock - it's definitely the most fun I've had with the Master System for ages. Highly recommended. "


Overall Score90%

Mean Machines Issue 21 - June 1992
Platform Game Sega Master System
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