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After his first accidental foray into the world of continuum-hopping, there's been no stopping Marty McFly. Whether it's buying sporting almanacs from the future to make lots of dough in the past, playing heavy metal concerts in the 1950s or even changing the course of history itself, Marty has got what it takes to be a true time traveller.

In this game, based around the third and final part of the Back to the Future film trilogy, Marty goes back to the 1880s to rescue his pal Doc Brown who was accidentally sent back to that era when his time travelling Delorean was struck by lightning. Along the way, Marty also has to thwart the evil ways of Mad Dog Tannen's gang, headed by an ancestor of Marty's arch enemy, Biff!

Back to the Future III adopts the familiar game-of-the-film format with each level representing a different scene from the film. There are three levels in all, the ultimate one being a ride atop a speeding train as Doc and Marty attempt to get the Delorean up to 88 mph so they can make the final jump home.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" After the disappointment of the forlorn Back to the Future II, it's good to see that Back to the Future III is of a much better quality. But even so I must admit to being disappointed. What's there is very good - the three levels all feature marvellous graphics and excellent soundtracks, but the problem is that at the end of the day there's simply not enough. Even a mediocre Master System player should be able to finish it within a day or so, and after that there's little to keep you coming back. If the missing Megadrive level could have been squeezed in, things would have been a lot better, but as it stands I just don't think there's enough game for the money. "

" After the baboonery that is Back to the Future II, I was expecting the worst from this game. However, I was pleasantly surprised by a conversion that is graphically and sonically superb - matching the Megadrive version in almost every respect. However, the Megadrive game was criticised for its lack of content, and unfortunately this comment is especially true for this 8-bit version. Although each level is a great game in its own right, there are only three stages in the package and you can get to the third in just the first sitting. Once you have seen everything the game has to offer there really is no more compulsion to play the game again. As a technical achievement, Back to the Future III shows exactly what the Master System can do. Unfortunately, as a complete game package, this game just hasn't got enough in it to warrant purchase. "


Overall Score68%

Mean Machines Issue 19 - April 1992
Platform Game Sega Master System
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