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Who'd be a martial artist, eh? Take Billy and Jimmy Lee for instance. You might have thought that their unrivalled mastery of combat techniques would assure them a trouble-free life, but it's just not so.

Perhaps their run of bad luck has something to do with Marion, their mutual girlfriend (an arrangement which perhaps should not be discussed in polite company). First of all, the girl was kidnapped by Mr Big, until the brothers Lee decided to rescue her and destroy the crime empire. Being a bit miffed at this, the evil crime boss shot Marion, leaving the Lee chaps to avenge her death and find someone capable of resurrecting her.

In this, the third of the famous Double Dragon series of multi-level scrolling beat 'em ups, Marion has gone and got herself kidnapped again. This time, Billy and Jimmy have opted for the easy route - they're going to pay the ransom. The trouble is, the ransom just happens to be the fabled Rosetta Stones mystical artefacts with great powers! Now the duo once again face many dangers as they trot around the globe in their search for the stones. It really does say a lot for computer dating agencies doesn't it?

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Where did the programmers of this game go wrong? It's not the graphics - they're great, with loads of detailed and colourful sprites ninja-ing around thanks to the extra graphics chips contained in the cart. It's a shame they didn't see fit to do the same thing with the sound, though, because that's particularly weedy. Still, it's neither of these things that spoils the game. The control method is a little fiddly to start with, it must be said, but you do eventually get used to it. What does seal Double Dragon III's mediocrity is the stupid difficulty level. The enemies have a habit of just crowding around you and pummeling away. This makes the more complex moves almost impossible to perform and renders the simple moves completely useless. This makes the whole thing unnecessarily frustrating and it becomes boring in a very short space of time. Given more lives or slightly less intelligent enemies this could have been outstanding, but as it is Double Dragon II is a very annoying and frustrating game. "

" Arrrgghhh! I've played this game a lot over the last few months and it's taken me ages just to get off the first level! I just can't understand why the game's designers chose to make Double Dragon III so difficult. A good challenge increases a game's longevity, but this is just so tough you're instantly put off. It's a shame really, because this game has the best graphics of the Nintendo Double Dragon series. It also beats its predecessors in terms of depth as well. If you're a die-hard Double Dragon nut who completed the first two chapters of the series with incredible ease, I recommend this without hesitation. However, it's just too difficult and frustrating for the average games player. "


Overall Score65%

Stayrsaigh - 09 Mar 2008, 11:40 GMT

OOOOOOOOO this game well didn't deserve that low score! I completed it within about 2 months which I thought was great value for cash. The only thing I will agree with is that the controls are very sluggish but once you adapt to them it's ok. I think the key to the game was to get the other characters on your side then they could act as psudo lives but honestly I didn't think it was that hard, I thought it was fine!

Ok admittidly I'm a die hard Double Dragon fan and seasoned Beat 'em up player so maybe it was just right for me but hard for general players but even still, I think it deserved at least 80% Can't argue with the mighty Mean Machines though, I read the review bought the game anyway and loved it so even in not giving it a great score Mean Machines helped me find a great game so you really can't fault them! :)

Tris Wicks - 05 Nov 2008, 06:34 GMT

Bimmy had a little weep when he got hold of a copy of this game, because they spelt his name wrong. And made his attacks play like poo.

Arindam - 12 Jul 2013, 15:02 GMT

Try Turbo controllers, the ones with X and Y (and sometimes Z too) buttons. They make the game much easier than a normal controller.
But the final queen will still be very difficult.

Fred Cogswell - 05 Jan 2015, 18:54 GMT

Believe me this game is absolutely amazing and i compare it to guitar in the fact that their both hard to learn at first but once you get good your opened to a whole new world.

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