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Golf is a game of skill, practiced by such idols and role models as Jimmy Tarbuck and Bruce Forsyth. Luckily this game has nothing to do with Country Clubs and acres of land with sandpits, but the variety known as Crazy Golf. This involves knocking the ball around bizarre courses, which are represented in this game. Windmills, burgers, castles and even pinball tables make an appearance in the 16 "holes" that comprise the challenge.

Although only part of the course is shown at once, scrolling the cursor allows the whole hole (groan) to be seen. By placing the cursor on the ball, holding down the button and pulling back, the ball is hit in a similar way to drawing an arrow in a bow.

As in "real" golf, each hole has to be completed in a certain number of strokes. If, however, a round is finished in under the limit, extra strokes are awarded for the next hole.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Many years ago, before the last ice-age, I went on holiday to Majorca with some mateys. A Crazy Golf tournament was held to the wonderment of all (although I lost a fortune on the side bets!). Anyway, this sport has a special place in my heart (ahh) as a result, and I was thrilled to see the game on the Megadrive. It's a great game, with fun courses and a very accurate ball movement. It can be annoying to be sent right back to the first level, but this helps to stop the game from being too easy. It's best when played with others, making it more of a competition. Recommended. "

" Zany Golf is a great simulation of the strange sea-side golfing game, with all sorts of amazing obstacles to get the ball through. I particularly like the pinball screen and the multi-track green with high-powered fans which blow the ball around! The graphics and sound are both excellent, and it's amazingly addictive when you first start playing. However, the fact that there are only 16 screens makes me question its lasting appeal. Zany Golf is certainly great fun - but if you buy it, don't expect to be playing it in a month's time. "


Overall Score74%

Retrospective comments


This game is a hidden gem I got later on for about 99p when the Megadrive was well on the way out. Firstly what was going on with those weird EA carts? Stupid big yellow plastic bit. Much bigger as well giving you the impression it might have had more MEGS or something. Anyway, I digress!

Like Jazza said in his review this game does lack longevity but for a simple pick up and play game this cannot be beaten. Some of the courses were very challenging and it was great fun going back to this game and seeing if you could progress further the next time.

The one thing I do remember was the music was strangely soothing. No 50 cent or Nu Metal here. It felt like you had gone to some cheesy beach town like Bridlington and were playing crazy golf only more interesting.

Anyway give it a go, it ain't bad at all.

Mean Machines Issue 2 - November 1990
Sports Game Sega Megadrive
Electronic Arts
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Zany Golf

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