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Following the nuclear disaster known as Judgement Day, a terrible war raged between the mechanised forces of the Skynet defence computer and the entire surviving human race. However, one man - John Connor, managed to band the survivors together and lead the human forces to almost complete victory. In response, Skynet targets Connor for termination and sends a deadly T-1000 cyborg back in time to kill him when he is still a ten year old child - and thus win the war before it even begins! Luckily, the human forces get wind of this plot, steal a model 101 Terminator, reprogram him to protect John and send him back in time to do battle with the T-1000.

Before this can be done, Skynet defences around their time machine must be destroyed allowing the chrono-spanning jaunt to take place. This is done by John himself in the first level of the T2 game. This side-on platform blast sees John blowing up defence coordination towers to infiltrate the Skynet base. The theme is carried over to level two, where the production plant must be penetrated to grab your own Terminator. The captured machine receives its new orders in level three. This is a puzzle section, where John Connor adjusts the circuitry in the Terminator's brain.

Level four takes place in 1994, where John and the Terminator must escape from the T-1000 who is chasing after their motorbike in a large truck. Shooting the lorry and avoiding hazards are the orders of the day here. In level five, the Cyberdyne Systems labs must be blown up to stop Skynet from ever being created. After Cyberdyne has been successfully disposed of, our heroic cyborg must blow away the rampaging T-1000. This comes to pass in the climactic level six, set within the confines of a steel mill. Here, the Terminator grabs weapons which fall from the ceiling and uses them to blast the T-1000 into a big vat of molten metal from which he will never return.

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" Boasting excellent graphics, awesome soundtracks and decent playability, Terminator 2 is one of the best Gameboy carts I've played of late. Every level is challenging and enjoyable, and it should keep you occupied for weeks. Highly recommended. "

" Terminator 2 is one of the best Gameboy releases in some time. The levels differ enough to give the game variety but not so much that the action becomes disjointed. The gameplay is also of a high standard and the cart packs quite a challenge. There's no faulting the graphics either with loads of great sprites, backgrounds and animation, and the whole thing is accompanied by some topper effects and tunes. Action-loving Gameboy owners should get this now. "


Overall Score90%

Mean Machines Issue 17 - Febuary 1992
Platform Game Nintendo Gameboy
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