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It's the year 55 BC and the Roman empire is in complete control of all Europe, save for one tiny Gaulish village. Despite all Roman attempts to capture this area, it still remains free and independent under the leadership of Chief Vitalstatistix.

The reason for this extraordinary record of hardness is the magic strength-giving potion brewed up by the venerable druid Getafix. When the Gauls swig this elixir, it allows them to dust anyone who gets in their way!

Being wise to this, top Roman geezer Julius Caeser has decreed that the druid be captured and transported to the Italian capital to make the potion for the Roman forces, making them unstoppable in their quest for total world domination.

So it came to pass one fateful day as Getafix was gathering herbs alone in the forest that he was indeed captured and taken to Rome with the express intention of transforming even the most pathetic example of legionaryhood into a human killing machine.

This is where you come in. As Asterix and Obelix, the village's hardest men, you must undertake a quest of many platform levels, dodging hazards, negotiating underwater sections and besting Romans senseless with your comabt skills and special items which can be picked up along the way. Should the pair fail to reach Rome and rescue the druid, slavery is assured for our French boar-loving chums.

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" Asterix is yet another example of an excellent Master System platform game, just like Mickey Mouse, Sonic and Donald Duck. In fact, it's perhaps just a little too much like these games for my liking. There's the usual bottom bounce manoeuvre used to dispose of the meanies, and chucking your bombs/menhirs/potions about is just like throwing a rock in Mickey Mouse. Even some of the ideas behind the levels are taxed directly from the Disney classics. However, originality gripes apart I found Asterix a particularly entertaining piece of software. The character switching for each level is quite good and I like the way that each stage is subtly altered for each character to complete it. There is also plenty of variety between each level, making it a very compulsive game. What I don't really like about the game is the infinite amount of continues available. I reckon that experienced platform gamers could probably finish the game in one sitting. If it's a fab platform game you want, I'd recommend Donald Duck over this, but if you've got that, take a peek at this. "

" First impressions of Asterix are most favourable. The graphics are top-notch and the sprites closely resemble their comic counterparts. The game is also very playable to start with. The action is fast and there's a lot of secret rooms and bonuses to discover. Some of the puzzles found even in the early levels are pretty taxing, but can be solved with a bit of thought and trial-and-error. The only real flaw with Asterix is that there are too many places where one single mistake results in the loss of a life with no second chance to save yourself, such as one level which constantly scrolls; get caught against the side of the screen and it's curtains! Don't get me wrong, Asterix is a great game, but be warned - it can be very frustrating at times. "


Overall Score80%

michael larkin - 18 Aug 2010, 11:02 GMT

man i remember this game very well. first loaded it up in '92 and it has awesome cartoon graphics and excellent platforming action. really challenging too. 8.5/10 from me!

Tens - 17 Apr 2013, 15:44 GMT

I remember this very well form years ago, Excellent game with quite a good challenge to get through the entire game.
Excellent graphics, Good responsive controls and good music.
If you like your platformers then give this one a go.
9/10 I give this one.

Mean Machines Issue 17 - Febuary 1992
Platform Game Sega Master System
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