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After his first accidental foray into the world of continuum-hopping, there's been no stopping Marty McFly. Whether it's buying sporting almanacs from the future to make lots of dough in the past, playing heavy metal concerts in the 1950s or even changing the course of history itself, Marty has got what it takes to be a true time traveller.

In this game, based around the third and final part of the Back to the Future film trilogy, Marty goes back to the 1880s to rescue his pal Doc Brown who was accidentally sent back to that era when his time travelling Delorean was struck by lightning. Along the way, Marty also has to thwart the evil ways of Mad Dog Tannen's gang, headed by an ancestor of Marty's arch enemy, Biff!

Back to the Future III adopts the familiar game-of-the-film format with each level representing a different scene from the film. There are four levels in all, the ultimate one being a ride atop a speeding train as Doc and Marty attempt to get the Delorean up to 88 mph so they can make the final time jump home.

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" Back to the Future III is an instantly playable game that should go down well with fans of the film. Each of the four levels tests your arcade skills very differently, from the instant reflexes needed when you're chasing after Clara's runaway carriage to the pinpoint accuracy required for the shooting gallery. On the whole, the graphics are pretty good, with the Wild West atmosphere captured perfectly. The sprites and backdrops are all well defined, and the animation is good too. What I didn't like much about the game was the rather naff music and lack of levels. It didn't take me more than a day or so to see the whole game and I couldn't help wanting a lot more from the package. It's also a bit of a cheek asking Megadrive owners to pay ten quid extra for what is basically an Amiga game that retailed at £25.00. If it's variety in your gameplay you're after, Back to the Future III scores highly - but's it's just too easy to see everything the game offers. "

" I must admit that I really enjoyed playing this. The four different levels are varied and fun, particularly the pie dish slinging third level, and I found myself constantly going back for another shot. The problem is, though, that it doesn't take more than a day or two to go through the entire game, and once you've done that the appeal starts to wear off. If there had been more levels, this would have been a superb film tie-in. The graphics and sound are both good, and as I've already said, it's great fun to play. However, its lack of challenge means that only Megadrive beginners will really get their money's worth. "


Overall Score77%

You lie - 27 Aug 2010, 19:29 GMT

Well Rich and Julian all that I can say is that you are a pair of liars. Post a video of you completing that game SO easily. The game was hard as nails. I don't know which version you had but the one I had was harder than halo on legendary.

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