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Aaarrr me hearties! It's the 16th century and war is being waged - which is bad news for you. The problem is that you're in charge of fortifications and cannon operation on an island which is being invaded by an armada of greedy Spaniards. This means it's up to you to repel their fearsome water-borne attacks with accurate cannon fire, whilst keeping the fortifications around your castles in good enough order to keep the invading soldiers out.

Ramparts is a conversion of an Atari coin-op which enjoyed moderate arcade success recently. It's best described as a cross between Tetris and the ancient arcade classic Missile Command. Play alternates between a two-part strategy section, where randomly shaped wall sections must be linked together to completely surround your forts and then cannons ingeniously placed for maximum firepower. Then it's shoot 'em up time with the cannons being aimed at incoming vessels using crosshair sights. Destroy the entire invading fleet and the island is safe.

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" Ramparts was one of the few really original arcade games of last year, and I played it a lot. It's a simple, but very challenging game with plenty of neat touches to keep you on your toes. How does this Master System version compare? Well, it's excellent! All the features of the arcade game have been packed in, and there's a stiff challenge on offer on the highest difficulty setting. The graphics and sound aren't anything to write home about (the ones on the arcade original were pretty pathetic too), but in the playability stakes Ramparts is superb, offering an entertaining, addictive and long-lasting challenge (especially with two players) which should be checked out. "

" Whatever else you say about Ramparts, it certainly is original. The blend of arcade shoot 'em up and puzzle action seems bizarre at first, but it's really a lot of fun. The controls are responsive and the action comes thick and fast. The graphics are very colourful, although a tad blocky and the sound is below average with a bog standard tune playing throughout and a few dingy effects. If you really want something truly different that will tax both your brain and your reflexes, Ramparts is the cart for you. "


Overall Score87%

Kevin Seghetti - 26 Dec 2013, 22:04 GMT

As the developer of the SMS version of Rampart, I am glad to see such a high review. I did my best to reproduce as much of the arcade machine gameplay as possible on the platform.

rotz - 21 Feb 2014, 21:25 GMT

Dude congrats, my brother and I had many a good time and fights over this game on the SMS.

 Mean Machines Issue 16 - January 1992
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