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Bloop the dinosaur is an unfortunate little chap. It just so happens that his deadliest enemies the Trogs have taken over the islands of Og on which Bloop resides. Not only this, but Bloop and his pal Spike have a passion for eating Trog eggs which the Trogs obligingly leave lying around outside. This leads to all sorts of hanky-panky as the Dino-mites (!) Bloop and Spike venture into Trog territory to eat the eggs and the Trogs chase after them with the express intention of gnawing on their lightly cooked flesh. Grab all the eggs on an island and you escape to the next one. Fail and you're treated to a little scene of a Trog slicing up and eating Bloop and Spike!

Trog is very much like a battle version of PacMan. Your small Dino-mite legs it around the islands dodging and biffing the aggressive cave-men and munching their eggs. The going gets a little tougher later on as routes are blocked off with dinosaur bones, meaning teleporters and catapults must be used to reach some parts of the island!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" If you're an NES owner who's been steaming with envy over the Megadrive and Master Systems PacMan games, steam no longer. Trog is really just a PacMan variant with a few new bits bolted on to protect it against the lack of variety which was the downfall of the original PacMan. Graphically Trog is nothing much to speak of, and the sound is also inoffensive. The gameplay is quite fun, with plenty of eating and teleporting action, although you do tend to fall off the edge of the island with no warning when things get hectic. In the end, though, despite all the additions, Trog still lacks enough action and variety to make it really special. Undoubtedly, it's a great conversion of the coin-op, but only Pac-fans need apply. "

" I really enjoyed this at first, but the problem is that even though there are three different bonus screens and the playfield layout changes from level to level, the egg-collecting action ultimately becomes dull. I like the humorous touches in the game - roastin' 'n' chompin' the Trogs is a hoot - but at the end of the day there's no disguising that Trog is PacMan with extra bits. The challenge is never very high, and any player with reasonable skills should be able to get huge scores within a few days. Trog is one of those games that the whole family will love and enjoy. If you're a solo player out for some fast and challenging action, though, look elsewhere. "


Overall Score74%

 Mean Machines Issue 16 - January 1992
Platform Game Nintendo Entertainment System
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