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Whilst browsing through Uncle Scrooge's library one afternoon, Donald Chances upon a book about the treasure of King Garuzia. Apparently, the man Garuzia had hidden his most treasured possessions somewhere on our planet. Fortunately for our duck hero, he's also left a map detailing clues as to the whereabouts of said treasure. Donald dances around, proclaiming to the world how rich he could be, unaware that outside the window, Big Bad Pete and his gang are listening, intent on making the map their own! The mobsters make a grab for the map whilst Donald is on his way home, but the quacking one escapes… for now.

Donald Duck is a horizontally scrolling platform game in the style of Mickey Mouse. Donald travels across the world finding the treasure, often getting involved in sub-missions along the way. If Donald can beat all ten levels, the treasure is his.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Visually Quackshot is fab, with superlative sprites and stunning backgrounds giving it an almost cartoon-lie appearance. However, the gameplay is a bit of a let-down. It's fun to play, but the problem is that the action is a bit too slow paced for my liking, particularly on the early screens. If you can get far enough things get tricky, but never really difficult - and that's my second moan. The game is no tougher than Mickey Mouse, so anyone who's already played a couple of Megadrive platform games should be able to complete this in a few days. Quackshot is an enjoyable game, but the rather low difficulty level means that it's more suited to new Megadrive players rather than experienced ones. "

" The graphics in Donald Duck are absolutely brilliant and easily match those of Castle of Illusion. However, the gameplay falls short. The action is too slow, even when Donald is sprinting, and there isn't enough happening on screen to set your pulse racing. Don't get me wrong - Quackshot is a jolly game, but I found the lack of excitement and the rather plodding nature of the game a bit of a disappointment. Maybe this is better suited to younger Megadrive owners? "


Overall Score83%

Retrospective comments


Scott H's Comments

Quackshot is another in a series of cooperative Disney and Sega designed games, and it is excellent. The rating here is probably fair, as I wouldn't give many games over a 90% unless they were something totally new. The speed and pacing of the game is comparable to other 3rd party platformers on any system up to its time. I really don't see what could have been disappointing to the reviewer if they were playing stuff like Duck Tales and Bucky O' Hair on the NES.

Quackshot's graphics, sound and music are exceptional for the 16-bit systems, with great color design and memorable tunes at every turn. The game sets up Donald's quest better than most, and I recall vividly feeling like I actually was the explorer in obscure locations as I moved from level to level finding new tools to help my advance. It's not like Mario or Castle of Illusion really, it's a totally unique approach that just happens to share jumping and side scrolling levels. I would highly recommend this to any gamer with a taste for unique and well developed games.

Tris Wicks - 11 Nov 2008, 01:52 GMT

A decent splash of variety and heart was tippled into this gem of a game, it's a great accompaniment to Castle of illusion. Well worth playing - especially considering the travesty that was Fantasia that followed. I bought that and felt mugged.

Dan - 11 Mar 2009, 14:13 GMT

Why did I hate this game? It wasn't a bad game by any means, it was just......hateable. Maybe because it felt so slow, or maybe coz I hate Donald Duck, or maybe because it had been done a zillion times before but better. Bland, boring, crap ;)

mitzibishi - 22 Jul 2009, 03:46 GMT

one of the good MD platformers. worth a try, at the time i thought it was a top game

Steve - 07 Sep 2009, 04:32 GMT

Dan, I hate to say this but you're either, A: trying to flame fans of this game or B: An idiot with no gaming style or taste. As Scott says, this game is a classic.

Rich - 05 Nov 2009, 16:39 GMT

It probably didn't help that this was a review of the PAL version was in not? which means that the already borderline slowness of the original game was made even slower in the reviewed copy.

Dan - 30 Jun 2010, 13:42 GMT

Now there's an insult, "No gaming style" lol, idiot I'll hold my hand up to tho :)

Possibly the PAL factor played a part but I just didn't like it. Nothing against those who did, just really didn't do owt for me at all.

Rachael - 24 May 2011, 02:07 GMT

2am, and here I am on a nostalgia trip, looking up the games of my childhood. Scott's comments chime with me. The polished look of the game really helped to generate that sense of involvement, and the variety of collectible tools made for a fun and interesting game. Top 16-bit platforming.

Jason - 12 Oct 2012, 00:40 GMT

I agree its quite slow paced and fairly easy but i loved playing it for its charisma & character ,the sound & music really are spot on with nice graphics and atmospheric levels of gameplay.

Mazzuchelli - 30 Jun 2014, 14:39 GMT

A true gem of 16-bit sprite glory. The game has an unique, distinctive feeling to it. The graphics are superb, as well as the music. Gameplay is also very well programmed. The game is suitable for younger audiences (as most of Disney stuff) therefore the difficulty levels are moderate. A very entertaining experience after all, in a very well accomplished piece of software.

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