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War time has rolled around again and being a trainee pilot in the Air Force, you are plunged into the thick of it. Many missions await you, with the object being to wreak as much havoc behind enemy lines as possible, destroy their special war machines and reach a high enough rank to keep you on the ground forever.

G-LoC is a cockpit-view 3D shoot 'em up in which the player uses missiles and a high-powered cannon to obliterate the enemy forces on the land, sea and air. One point is scored for every enemy vehicle or craft destroyed, and these points are used to buy things at the between-mission shop. But their real value is as decorations - get 160 points and you're elevated to top ranking and are judged to have won the war!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Squeezing the rather awesome arcade game into the Master System was an ambitious project to say the least - but amazingly, Sega have pulled it off! The graphics are neat - there's a little sprite flicker, but the 3D update is fast and convincing. The sound isn't quite so hot however, with some dire tunes that make you want to hide under a blanket. What's best, though, is the gameplay. It's best described as what Top Gun II should have been, with lots of missions and detailed briefings. The points trade system is a marvellous idea, introducing and interesting strategy element alongside the action. The action is fast and furious, and offers challenge and addiction unmatched by any other Master System 3D shoot 'em up. Potential Top Guns shouldn't miss it. "

" I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by G-LoC. Okay, the graphics are pretty awful and the sound scores very highly in the sadness stakes, but gameplay-wise, G-LoC is quite a good laugh, with plenty of airborne thrills and spills to enjoy. My biggest gripe with the game must be the fact that it's very hard to dodge missiles (and this isn't down to a lack of skill on my part - they just suddenly seem to appear in front of you from nowhere!). The variety between each level could have been more pronounced, it always seems to be the case of just shooting anything without using tactics of any description. The thing is, even though the game has limitations, it's still rather addictive and the sheer fun factor will doubtlessly bring you back for more! G-LoC isn't an essential buy, but it sure beats the hell out Afterburner (and Top Gun II on the NES for that matter!). "


Overall Score82%

Mean Machines Issue 15 - Christmas 1991
Simulation Sega Master System
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