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Every thirteen years, a place known as Ghost City appears, This ghastly town is inhabited by all manner of evil and grotesque creatures who take great pleasure in committing any number of vile and horrifying acts on the populace of nearby towns. Worst of all however, is the tendency of these monsters to kidnap a child, steal its soul and then sacrifice it.

This is where you come in. You are a good ghost, committed to being nice, and you have decided to save the kidnapped child with the aid of your laser rifle. This is by no means an easy task, as the child's soul has already been stolen. As a result of this, she cannot act of her own accord and needs you to direct her out of Ghost Manor to Ghost Headquarters, whilst blasting all the evil ghosts that bar your way.

Laser Ghost is another of Sega's not-quite conversions insofar that although the Operation Wolf-esque gameplay has been retained, a new element has been thrown in, that being the child you must protect. This adds a new angle to the gameplay, as you must remember to guide her around obstacles whilst all the time checking the ceaseless efforts of the ghosts as they try to keep hold of their captive.

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" Laser Ghost was a fun coin-op, a sort of Beast Busters with infinite ammo, so I was pleased to see it being converted to the Master System. I shouldn't really have been surprised by the changes after seeing Line of Fire, but I still was. Luckily, this time, the gameplay has not been utterly mangled by the alterations, and indeed, it's quite a fun game. The graphics are certainly nothing inspiring, the sound is awful to say the least and to begin with, the control system is unnecessarily fiddly. But there's something about it which makes Laser Ghost quite enjoyable, especially with the light phaser. Phaser fan should be pleased with this, although anyone else would be advised to give it a go first. "

" A stunning-looking super-sounding ground-breaking game this isn't. But it's a good laugh, and that's what's important. The ever-moving cursor seems a bit of a pain at first, but once you get used to it the game soon becomes addictive and you start to enjoy yourself. There are loads of baddies to shoot, and I like the idea that you've got to keep one eye on the girlie, which adds a new dimension to the game and really keeps you on your toes. If you're looking for a fun light phaser game, or are just after a shoot 'em up that's a bit different, check this out. "


Overall Score76%

Adrian - 07 Dec 2010, 05:04 GMT

There are some striking elements to this game that no one has ever noticed before. Laser Ghost on SEGA Master System is very similar to the 1988 Horror film ''Poltergeist III'' which focused on main character Carol Anne played by the late great child actress Heather O' Rourke, continuing her spiritual journey to rid the neighbourhood of ghosts and goblins and taking place in a Chicago sky scraper full of doors and mirrors to create scare tactics that look almost identical to some of the later stages in Laser Ghost. The film flopped in hollywood at the time but shares quite alot in common with SEGA's Laser Ghost, for instance: The film has a scene where grotesque monster hands grab the girl in which the game has a similar boss scene. There is another striking resemblence to both the film and game in which parked cars in a garage suddenly spring to life and start attacking the girl. I believe that Laser Ghost was created by SEGA having Poltergeist III in mind and changing all names of the characters to prevent infringing material. I think Laser Ghost is both visually and audio impressive as the graphics are quite colourful and some-what realistic, a fun shoot em up horror game that is very fun to play through, but once you reach the final chapter all changes as the game in my opinion is impossible to complete.

I give Laser Ghost a 7 out of 10

Phelipe - 01 Feb 2014, 03:42 GMT

One of best Sega Master System games. What nostalgic to listen the soundtrack, so fun and sounds like horror story movie. If you want have fun, play now ''Laser Ghost'' and be happy!!!!!

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