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Oh no! A series of disasters have befallen a space exploration colony and in a bizarre twist of inexplicable fate, the robots have turned against their masters and now rule the colony - imprisoning any humans they find!

The Earth authorities are more than a bit annoyed to say the least/ Previous attempts to liberate the colony have ended in failure - the robotic defences are just too strong even for the most highly trained men. For a situation this dangerous, a superhero is required - a superhuman being like Low-G Man for instance.

He may not have superhuman strength, but Low-G Man makes a mockery of Newton's laws of physics by being able to jump massive heights and land softly, rather than being transformed rather violently into an embarrassing red mess. He's also trained in the use of super-effective military hardware - just the ticket for blasting the seven shades out of those mad robotic scum.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Low-G Man looked rather a pathetic effort when I first loaded it up into our trusty NES. The sound is rather grating and the graphics look pretty gaudy. This isn't made any better owing to the jerky scrolling. But for some strange reason I found the low-gravity action really enthralling. I think it's perhaps because the game's difficulty level is set at just the right level. It took me about three quarters of an hour to get onto the second level, but the time spent wasn't frustrating at all. It's also a good laugh trying out all of the different weapons and purloining the armoured transports from the robots. Low-G Man isn't an essential buy, but if you've got the cash to spare, give it a whirl! "

" Although Low-G Man fails to deliver anything decent in the graphics and sound stakes, it's surprisingly addictive and kept me playing far longer than I had anticipated (and now I've got to work late to finish this review - boo!). The action is fast and furious, and there's plenty of challenge, particularly when you start to take on the giant-sized end-of-level baddies! If you're after an enjoyable arcade-style game that'll keep you going for a good few weeks, check this out. "


Overall Score84%

Mean Machines Issue 14 - November 1991
Platform Game Nintendo Entertainment System
Publisher: Taxan
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