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Digger is a man with a mission, and that is to make himself a fat pile of cash by emptying the lost diamond mines of the world of their booty. Trouble is, the inhabitants of the mines, horrid killer insects, aren't too happy about this intrusion, and they're out in force to stop our intrepid jewel-thief. Not only this, but Digger picked up a satchel containing nothing but empty Windolene tubs instead of his sandwiches and maps, so once inside the mines, he has to find his own way out before the exit is sealed forever.

Diggers adventures are portrayed in something like a side-on version of Boulderdash, with our hero running around, jumping pits, digging tunnels and blatting nasties with his trusty shovel. Can you get Digger past the mine guardian with all his diamonds before his time runs out?

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" It's great to see a new interpretation of a classic game, namely Boulderdash. By twisting the action into a platform-esque format, Rare have actually improved on the old gameplay - after a couple of goes I became hooked! The maps are full of traps, one-way systems and secret warps, and even combinations of all three, and this conspires to produce a truly absorbing game. There is a strong compulsion to see the next level, which leads to one quick game turning into an hour of continuous play! Late levels become quite intricate, and it's a good idea to make maps of these to stop you doubling back on yourself. But no matter how lost you may be there's always a way out, which puts an end to those put-in-an-impossible-position-by-the-console blues, and encourages deeper exploration of each level. Rare have put in yet another impressive performance, and one which NES owners should seriously consider purchasing. "

" Similar in concept to Boulderdash, but with much more to it, Digger T Rock is yet another brilliant game from Rare. Oozing quality from the outset, the beautifully-drawn cute graphics and catchy music provide instant appeal, and the tricky, but highly addictive action keeps you playing. There are plenty of secrets to uncover, including short cuts around the screen and warps to later levels (so I've been told, but I can't find 'em). If you're a fan of Boulderdash, or are just after a game that provides plenty of fun and challenge, check this out - one go and you'll be hooked! "


Overall Score89%

Billy Bullshot - 08 Sep 2010, 21:44 GMT

This is utter genius on a cartridge. The way the developers seamlessly integrated the Boulderdash concept into a platform game, coupled with the endearing, cartoony appearance of the visuals and awesome music (IMO the best feature of the game) all melds together to produce one of Rare's best NES titles. A masterpiece.

Chris P. - 13 Apr 2013, 01:31 GMT

Not trying to be an ass, but the reviews lack a little substance. This game is fun but you dont review any technical aspects. The comparison to Boulder Dash is off, the game plays more like Nemo underground, and the music is awful. The color palette is lacking, very limited earth tones for enemy sprites and the main character as well as backgrounds makes the graphics indistinguishable from a smeared turd. On top of this, the "traps" and "secret areas" are cool, but they are limited in design and cycle quite frequently. I doubt either of these reviewers actually played the game from start to finish, which is kind of essential for a game review. I actually like the game, but a biased review is no way to earn followers. Better luck next time!

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