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Atari's Paperboy first appeared in the arcades around four and a half years ago, and cast you as a paper deliverer whose round takes him to the very strangest parts of town. In this Sega conversion, virtually all of the original coin-op's features have been included as you battle against the odds to get your papers delivered.

At the start of the game there are three streets to choose from, effectively giving three difficulty levels. Each level is split into seven sub-levels, each of which represents a day of the week. The object is simply to survive until Sunday.

At the beginning of each round you're shown a map of your delivery route. You must deliver papers to every subscriber, by throwing them either into their mailboxes or on their doormats as you cycle past.

Non-subscribers should be treated with the contempt the deserve, so throw spare papers through their windows and ride all over their nice flower beds for bonus points.

If you fail to deliver a paper to a subscriber, he cancels his subscription - a perfect round of deliveries, however, results in new customers!

Things are complicated by the presence of various obstacles such as lawn mowers, buggies, cassette players, and even ghosts! If you hit any of these, a life is lost - so careful with those handlebars.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" I remember crowding around the coin-op all those years ago - and this version captures that "can't leave it alone" feeling! The originality of the arcade game coupled with the brilliance of this conversion makes this a real winner as far as I'm concerned: it's the best translation onto a home machine there's been. It's difficult, but doesn't seem to be while you're playing it - that's the beauty of this game! Whether or not you are a fan of the coin-op, this will keep you happy for a long time, so don't delay: buy Paperboy and get delivering! "

" This conversion captures all the humour, originality and playability of the arcade machine. It seems very straightforward at first, but once mad dogs, nutty street dancers, runaway tyres and even rogue drivers enter the fray, things start getting very tough indeed. It's great fun trying to get all the papers in the mailboxes, but my favourite part of the game is causing as much damage to non-subscribers' properties as possible! With its fantastic graphics and faithful arcade tunes, Paperboy should find a place in any arcade fan's cartridge collection. "


Overall Score85%

Mean Machines Issue 1 - October 1990
Sports Game Sega Master System
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