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It's all-out war across the globe, and things are looking grim for the goodies. The baddies have pinched the most valuable personnel in the goodies' side, and some one has to travel behind enemy lines to rescue them. In case you hadn't guessed, that happens to be you. In order to aid your efforts, you've been given a highly advanced Choplifter chopper. This particular piece of hi-tech machinery carries the latest in cannon technology, with armour piercing shells that can annihilate just about anything you're likely to face on your dangerous mission. It also has seating for plenty of passengers, which is ideal when it comes to actually rescuing people.

The action is displayed on a multi-directionally scrolling landscape. The object is to find a certain number of people per level and return them to base. This simply involves blasting enemy hardware and landing, thus enabling the prisoners to reach your gunship. Then it's back to base to off-load your cargo. This task doesn't change between the levels, but the sectors the Choplifter infiltrates become steadily more dangerous.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Choplifter is a perfect mini blastathon which packs thrills and spills in a totally addictive package that's impossible to resist. Put it at the top of your shopping list. "

" JVC certainly have an eye for the classics! Just like Boulderdash, Choplifter is a simple, yet highly compelling game. It's also very challenging and should keep you glued to yor Gameboy for weeks. Check it out! "


Overall Score90%

Mean Machines Issue 12 - September 1991
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