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In case you're wondering, a road rash isn't some weirdo disease. It's the marks you get when you slide down the tarmac after coming off a motorbike at over 100mph! And, as you might imagine, it's quite a painful experience. As you'll find out when you play Road Rash.

This motorbike racing game features five different tracks, and the object on each is very straightforward: beat the other 18 riders to the finishing post. Can't be simpler, eh? Well, things are made a little more complex by the fact that there are no rules - riders can crash into or even punch other riders in an attempt to knock them off their bikes. So it's a pretty violent high-speed free-for-all. Add to that cars (Volvos we reckon) who travel the road driving towards you on the left and in the same direction as you on the right (this is America, don't forget) which can be crashed into all too easily and a highly annoying traffic cop who chases after you and pulls you over for speeding whenever he can, and life suddenly becomes more difficult.

If you manage to finish all five races, you progress to the next level, where cars are more numerous and riders even more maniacal. It's tough out there. But then life as a psychotic rider is never easy…

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Road Rash combines all the thrills of high-speed racing with a fair dose of extreme violence - just my sort of game! The 3D graphics are excellent. Whizzing over the varied, graphically superb landscapes is made all the more enjoyable by the brilliant sound effects. The scream of the motorbike's engine is superb (as are the other biker's, in glorious stereo!). Rob Hubbard has provided some great music as well, which almost matches the effects for aural excitement! It's gameplay that counts though, and Road Rash more than delivers. You'll never believe that you just flew through the air at over 100 mph landing on the hapless corpse of a very unfortunate fellow rider! That's another thing that makes Road Rash so good. Everything vaguely unfortunate that can happen to you has an equal chance of happening to other riders! As road racers go, Road Rash is definitely the most action-packed and exciting offering to date. "

" Wahey! Motorbikes, irresponsible road behaviour and loads of foul play! Ingredients guaranteed to bring a grin to my weathered chops!! And Road Rash combines all them to produce a truly thrilling racing game which really sets your pulse racing! The utterly convincing 3D graphics are incredibly speedy, and the road twist and turns over the stomach-churningly realistic hills. Razor sharp reflexes are required to ensure you don't hurtle nose-first into a hedge, fly uncontrollably off the top of a hill and crash into a tree or smash into an oncoming car! Don't be put off by the fact that there are only five tracks; they're all pretty long and get very tough on later levels, with loads of manic riders and mad drivers. And don't forget that there are eight new bikes to save up for! If, like me, you're a speed psycho looking for sheer out-and-out adrenalin-surging action, this is the ultimate ride. "


Overall Score91%

Ben Parkinson - 20 Aug 2008, 15:47 GMT

This is the game that made me want a Megadrive.
I went round my friends house after school as often a i could to play this.

Superb game 100%

And i never grew up with a desire to kick people of there bikes either!

Dan - 25 Feb 2009, 16:32 GMT

This was a mint game, pure brash action, it was fast and violent - who could ask for more? It was also a bit more loveable than it's sequal in a lot of ways for some reason. You could moleste cows as well, which was nice.

mitzibishi - 22 Jul 2009, 03:22 GMT

great game, only a classic coz its system exclusive

Steve - 08 Sep 2009, 00:08 GMT

Another one of the classic EA Megadrive titles. EA had a great run in the 90's making some of the best games of all time, and Road Rash was no exception. I will never forget the joy of smacking another rider of his bike with a trunction....gaming gold.

Oliver Cunte - 19 Nov 2009, 12:17 GMT

7/10 Agreed It was a fun game, but there was one thing that I recall really pissed me off and that was the auto catch up mode, which you couldnt turn off.
So you would be on a fast bike and race a perfect race, miles in the lead then if you crashed just once, about 6 bikes would overtake you instantly - so frustrating

Dylan Barry - 20 Jun 2012, 15:59 GMT

great game and actualy more of an adventure game if you take notice of the characters comments, you can realy go out and tear these idiots a new one....i still owe axel one, to this day

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