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Oh no! Your girlfriend has just been mercilessly machine-gunned down by a gang of villains. There's only one thing to do - call your friend and go and avenge her death.

This sequel to the Tecnos coin-op includes all the features of the original Double Dragon - the heroes can punch, jump, do spin kicks and even get their enemies in a strangle-hold - but the landscape is far bigger and there are far more baddies to bash. These guys come in an array of forms and some carry weapons, including knives, shuriken, chains, and bats. One particular female duo leaves a bomb that is capable of blowing you right off the screen!

End of level guardians block the way at regular intervals, and it's up to you to discover the method to dispose of them. And once you've beaten them all you can take on the gang leader and get revenge...

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" Although Double Dragon II looks a bit rough around the edges - scrolling is jerky and the sprites flicker when things get busy - its great fun to play. The multitude of baddies to bash and the sheer variety of backdrops and weapons make this one stand head and shoulders above most Nintendo beat 'em ups. The two-player mode is where the game really comes into its own - acting as a team with a friend is thoroughly enjoyable and very rewarding. But even with a single player, Double Dragon is a highly entertaining game. If you've already got Double Dragon, I'd think twice before buying this as it's very similar to the original. If you haven't got it though, check it out. "

" I found double Dragon II good fun, with plenty of interesting opponents and fast action. However it is very similar to the first Double Dragon and gives the impression of just following straight from the latter. The scrolling is often poor and flickery but the sprites are well animated. There's no doubt that this game will sell by the lorryload, and why not - its a great game that deserves to do well, and will keep you coming back even when you've finished it. Well worth a look at least. "


Overall Score80%

ninja games - 26 Feb 2013, 19:01 GMT

Years ago I liked playing this game so much. But I remember it was kind of tricky to turn quick if you were attacked from behind. It's to bad that this title didn't received sequels like other classic nintendo games

karate games - 05 Dec 2013, 08:43 GMT

My first encounter with Double Dragon series was back in 1996 at a computer science course in the fifth grade I think, when after the course finished we were allowed to play some games from a big FDD disk. It was in black and white but I remember I enjoy it so much back then. After that I got my first TV console and played all the titles that ever came out. My favorite attack was grasping the enemies from their heads and do a back trow after that. I also attended some karate classes back then so you can imagine I really was into this type of games.

Kitsune - 03 Jun 2014, 08:54 GMT

DD2 was one of the first game I played on the NES and what a game. Perfect mix of scrolling beat 'em up and platform action and it has a two player mode as well, something which the original NES game didn't have (and was eerily repeated a few years later when another smash hit beat 'em up coin-op was converted to a Nintendo system minus it's two payer mode!)

Solid stuff!

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Double Dragon 2

Double Dragon 2

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