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Spying's a funny old game, and when it comes to sticking your nose in other people's business, there's nothing like a good sub to get the job done. The Russian's seem to subscribe to this point of view, because all intelligence points to a number of ALFA-class Soviet subs infiltrating friendly waters.

Enter the American 688 Attack Sub, one of the most fearsome US subs ever to roam the oceans. These fine submarines are just the ticket for patrolling friendly waters, escorting any foreign sea-farers "who just happen to get lost" out of restricted areas. The 688 also has a lethal line-up of powerful torpedoes at the ready should any situation turn nasty.

This in-depth simulation enables players to take control of either the eponymous 688 or the Russian ALFA across a number of missions ranging from a simple training exercise to all-out sub-aqua war!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Usually, game like 688 Attack Sub aren't my cup o' tea, with far too much fiddling around and not enough large explosions and gratuitous violence for my liking. but this one has a gripping atmosphere which draws you into the action and keeps you playing. It's quite tricky to get to grips with, and the instruction manual has to be read properly, but once you embark on a mission and start making progress and sinking enemy boats (not friendly ones like I did), it becomes very enjoyable. If you're looking for an unusual and engrossing game with plenty of lasting appeal, have a look at this. "

" NES Silent Service proved that simulations can be brought to the consoles very easily, and I'm glad to say that 688 Attack Sub only adds weight to the argument. This sort of game would require lots of keys on a home computer, but the console version's control method is surprisingly quick and easy to use. The graphics are okay, but not really special in any way - like the sound. The speech seems pretty pointless (it doesn't even sound human, in fact it wouldn't sound out of place on my new Kraftwerk CD!), but what really annoys me is the Russian text when you choose the soviet sub - it's incredibly pointless and really lets the game down. As sims go, 688 is quite tense and atmospheric, and there's a good challenge in there as well - I found that completing even the first real mission was quite difficult. If you're after something different and longer-lasting for your Megadrive, 688 Attack Sub is a must. "


Overall Score84%

Mean Machines Issue 11 - August 1991
Simulation Sega Megadrive
Electronic Arts
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688 Attack Sub

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