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SimCity box artThe famous simulation in which one takes the role of a mayor and must help a new city thrive and become a megalopolis. This version, co-developed by Maxis and Nintendo, is widely considered as the best adaptation of the original game. It was only released on Super Nintendo.

Several extra features were made available on this version. Seasons would affect the visual aspect of your town. Some popular Nintendo characters made surprising guest appearances for advanced players who reached a certain stage into the game. This version also featured a few extra missions in scenario mode. SimCity is fondly remembered for offering some of the best musics of the Super Nintendo.

Overall Score94%

Retrospective comments


As far as game concepts go, SimCity ranks as one of the most impressive. Building your own city from scratch must appeal to most people, but the rather unfriendly nature of the PC original rendered it unplayable to most prospective city-builders. Nintendo's version is toned down and offers a more colourful and attractive version of the Maxis classic.

The graphics are basic but perform their task perfectly. The sound is also rather limited, with a nice little tune in the background and not a great deal else. However SimCity isn't about visuals or sound, it's about the challenge, and thankfully this version retains the depth of the PC original. There's literally months of gameplay stored on the cartridge.

Action fans are obviously going to be disappointed by the lack of instant gratification, but if you're after a title that will challenge your grey matter then this is it.

Tris Wicks - 05 Nov 2008, 03:50 GMT

I never new I had the capacity to play a game for 3 days straight until I got this game. For personal safety since I decided not to become a PC gamer. Sim City with a Nintendo sheen is like a cocktail of addictive hardcore drugs. Beware.

Dan - 24 Feb 2009, 17:32 GMT

......too right, get me the lighter, spoon + strap and cook me up coz this baby drew you in big time. Probably did more for polution awareness than any of these piss poor government or Green Party campaigns ever will.

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