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Betrayed! After signing a peace treaty with the CATS star pirates, the Alliance of Pleasant Worlds set about building eight space stations with the help of their new-found confederates. But as the eighth station reach it's orbit, a bomb secretly placed aboard by CATS exploded destroying it utterly!

Moments before the space station exploded, it's captain managed to reach his Zero Wing starfighter and launch it. His mission is now to avenge his betrayed comrades, and bring CATS to justice - dead or alive!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Toaplan have produced some really classy stuff on the Megadrive, and I don't think Zero Wing plays as well as Hellfire, it's probably their most polished game to date. The opening sequences which set the scene are ace, and the graphics throughout the game are really detailed - the Zero Wing ship itself is a masterpiece of sprite design. One of Zero Wing's best features is that, unlike a lot of Megadrive games, it demands a lot of skill to play well. Fancy flying is essential because there are some tight passages to negotiate, and bullets are constantly flying everywhere. Definitely one of the best Megadrive blasts of recent months! "

" Hellfire was a pretty brilliant blast by all accounts, combining brilliant graphics and sound with awesome playability. Now Toaplan have returned with Zero Wing, another conversion of a horizontally scrolling coin-op blast - and it's pretty damn good! Considering the (very) tired genre, Toaplan have come up trumps with a game that has a very original graphic style, along with some pretty original weaponry too. The sound (as usual for a Toaplan game) is great, with some pretty decent effects and brilliant tunes. But it's usually the difficulty level f a game that either makes of breaks it, and just like Hellfire, Zero Wing is something of a tough mutha - even on the lowest difficulty setting. So if it's thrills, spills and a high death count you're after, look no further! "


Overall Score91%

Retrospective comments


The game that launched a internet craze...who would have thought it, eh? It's worth noting that the arcade original was something of a commercial flop, which is strange when you consider the quality of the game. It's hardly ground-breaking stuff, but there's plenty of entertainment to be found here if you're a shooter buff.

Amazingly this was never released in the US - this fact keeps the price of the Euro English Language version high, as daft Americans hunt for that infamous 'All Your Base' intro.

ZIG - 12 Apr 2008, 15:31 GMT

All your base are belong to us!

Brad - 15 May 2008, 17:01 GMT

Somebody set up us the bomb!

Bob - 16 Oct 2008, 07:58 GMT

I missed out on the "all your bases" laugh because I had the Japanese version... If people nowadays knew how good this game was.

Godpikachu - 08 Feb 2009, 03:51 GMT

In AD 2101, war was beginning....

Yup, the AYBABTU phenomenon came and went (then came again, and went, and again, and again), but very few people knew WTF this was all about.

I have a copy of zero wing, and i must say its a pretty decentish game.
In a game catalogue seeping with other side scrolling shooters, this one doesnt stand out next to thunderforce, air busters and guynoug, but, as a runner up it shines through with a decent level of playability and replay value, plus those in the know can have a laugh at the dodgy engrish intro sequence.

Dan - 24 Feb 2009, 17:28 GMT so.....

Sous Vide - 10 Dec 2010, 13:21 GMT

'twas a good game... but these Toaplan games for me just couldn't compete next to the more frantic shoot em ups, primarily Thunderforce 3. I think I preferred this to Hellfire though. Maybe because it wasn't so damn hard!

Bobnumeric - 13 Apr 2011, 12:08 GMT

Good shoot em up. The only one I liked,as the other shoot em ups were way too hard. at least I got to complete this.

CATS - 29 Oct 2011, 19:43 GMT

There is an actual website called for sale; all your base are belong to us!

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