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Wardner box artAfter the kidnapping of a beautiful princess, someone has to get her back, and slay the evil wizard responsible for the deed! This can mean only one man - the eponymous hero, Wardner, who swears to fight through the Wizard's evil troops and rescue the poor princess.

Wardner is a cute platform game, with our lad jumping and shooting his way across each level. Killing foes reveals money, and strategically placed power-ups give Wardner extra zapping ability.

The obligatory end-of-level guardians take their bows, ranging from the dragon on level one to the necromancer on the final stage. Wardner needs special tactics to defeat each monster and cannot reply on fire-power alone. There are plenty of surprises - the guardian on level two looks like the princess until it transmutes into a ferocious spider with a woman's head.

Between levels there's a shop which give Wardner the opportunity to buy improved weapons, extra fairies (Gary Harrod's fave) or added time. Careful shopping is a must - but remember that all goods are non-returnable.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Although it features graphics that are a little fuzzy in places, this conversion of the mega-addictive Wardner coin-op is superb. It's got some of the best tunes yet heard on the Megadrive, more levels and new challenges that weren't even in the original coin-op, and very challenging and addictive gameplay...as long as you don't use its pile of continues. As with a lot of Megadrive games, there are far too many continues, and they allow you to finish the game very quickly. If you want to get full value for money out of the game, play one credit at a time, and you'll find it takes plenty of platform skills and good reflexes to get all the way through the game and get a decent highscore. And as long as you remember that, I thoroughly recommend it. "

" While Wardner mightn't be as graphically impressive as games like Mickey Mouse and Sonic the Hedgehog, it's certainly got the staying power to keep you challenged long after you're finished the others. There's plenty of platform action on offer, and the funky sound keeps you tapping your toes as you battle all manner of beasties. Although Wardner isn't a big-name coin-op, it's well worth looking up - platform fans will love it. "


Overall Score84%

Retrospective comments


My first impressions of this game weren't good - the graphics are barely Master System quality. However after a few minutes play the game showed its true colours. This is an excellent action platformer, and a real hidden gem on the Megadrive. The challenge is pretty stiff as well - this will take a while to complete, which is more than can be said of most games on the Sega's 16-bit console. This comes highly recommended, and hats off to the MM team for giving the game a decent review - many other magazines were harsh on the game because of the way it looked.

Zac - 23 Mar 2009, 22:33 GMT

I have a complete American version of this game! It's always been one of my favorites!! But I just thought that you might want to know that the main character's name is actually Dover! The Wardner is actually the necromancer at the end!

'Dward - 22 Mar 2010, 21:46 GMT

I remember this game very well indeed and can vouch for the reviews - pretty much on point! an under-estimated classic on the genesis

digi-d - 15 Dec 2012, 18:00 GMT

Was a great game on MD- a good conversion of an uncommon arcade machine

Mouse - 04 Apr 2014, 10:38 GMT

Wardner is one of those games that was right up there with the likes of Demon's World/Horror Story and the Ghosts 'N Goblins/Ghouls 'N Ghosts series games. It is one of the most enjoyable platformers that you will ever come across, chock full of challenge to keep your interest. The music was also the funkiest soundtrack to come out of the arcade back in the day.

Mean Machines Issue 10 - July 1991
Platform Game Sega Megadrive
Publisher: Visco
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