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Super Mario Bros. 2 box artIn this sequel to the best-selling video game of all time, take a unique journey to the dream world of Subcon to save its people from the foul frog tyrant, Wart.

Released in 1989, Super Mario Bros. 2 is a huge horizontally- and vertically-scrolling adventure that offers complete freedom to explore while collecting power-ups, uprooting vegetables to throw at enemies, and seeking out hidden ‘Sub-space’ rooms.

Super Mario Bros. 2 was the first Mario title to give players control of not only the heroic brothers but also Princess Toadstool (Peach) and Toad, and gave each character their own special skills. It also featured the first appearances of many Mario series regulars, including Shy Guy and Birdo!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Super Mario Bros II simply oozes playability. The difficulty level is perfectly set so that you always seem to get a little bit further each time you play - or discover yet another secret room or warp! Consequently the game is incredibly addictive. The only criticism I've got is that there's no score - it would be nice to be able to go for a highscore record as well as beating the game itself. Other than that though, Super Mario II is one of the most enjoyable Nintendo games around. Roll on Super Mario III. "

" Super Mario Brothers can't have been an easy act to follow, so Nintendo really had their work cut out producing a follow-up. But they've done it, and SMB2 is even better! Cute and highly detailed characters and colourful backgrounds really make it look cartoony and fun, and the music and sound effects match the graphics for jolliness. But the gameplay's what's most important, and even in this respect, SMB2 tops the original! All the new characters and the new abilities add a further dimension to the original platform fun. At nearly £40 it's one of the most expensive Nintendo carts, but any fan of the original will certainly get his money's worth! "


Overall Score89%

Retrospective comments


Super Mario Bros 2 is really the black sheep of the Mario family. Originally starting out life as Doki Doki Panic this game does not feel like any other Mario game. This does not however mean it is any less of a game, far from it, Nintendo stamps their seal of quality on this game and it oozes with quality. There is nothing more satisfying than picking a veggie up from the ground and using it to smash a baddie!

In this game jumping on an enemy gives you a lift rather than pounding them. You can pick up most enemies and throw them at others which a fun game mechanic. In addition to controlling Mario (the all-rounder) you can also play as Princess Peach who can hover a bit whilst jumping, Toad who is fast and strong and Luigi who can jump the highest. Choosing the best character for the job is often the key to success.

The graphics and music are still excellent. Boppy cheerful tunes and colourful levels make this game a joy to play. There are lots of secrets to keep the game interesting. Warps can often be found when dropping a potion in a certain place to go to an 'alternate' dark world where secrets are shown.

The boss fights are quite good fun. Birdo makes her first appearance in this game firing eggs at you, jump on them and pick them up in mid air then smash them on her head 3 times to ensure victory. The levels have lots of variety as you might expect, there is a desert world, an ice world, etc. It's certainly never dull.

This game is recommended to all. There will always be a crowd who say this is not as good as the other Mario games but that is a short-sighted view to have. Nintendo pulled out all the stops in creating an original, quirky sequel to the original Mario classic. Adding all the elements together this is really an excellent game not to be missed.

Stayrsaigh - 22 Mar 2009, 01:37 GMT

This was one of the very first games I ever played on the NES at my friends house when he showed me his shiny new box that was just for playing games! It was this and Double Dragon II that got us playing well into the night and started the bane of my parents life with constant nagging to get me one!

As you can probably guess, they caved, and so began my love affair with the consoles!

Funnily enough my NES is still in perfect working order with all the games and only a slight loading problem now and again hinders it but some lovely chappies showed me the 'jiggle' method which works every time!

I still retain the caloses from those lovely square pads to this day and can still tell which one was player 1 from player 2 by the clickiness of the buttons (Player 2 was always less used and more clicky!)

mario games - 25 Feb 2013, 09:07 GMT

Since the first Super Mario Bros. I knew I have found my favorite game. Now I can't even imagine how the gaming industry would look without Mario games series. It's a great thing Mario made it through our modern time and it will be for sure the next generation favorite character too.

mario jocuri - 09 Mar 2013, 14:19 GMT

I remember this game. We used to call it (the original mario game). We as kids were trilled when the words about the secret levels and others tricks spread around. Those days were fantastic.

jocuri educative - 24 Aug 2014, 10:47 GMT

The graphics and music are still excellent.

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