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Sword of Vermillion box artKing Tsarkon never gets invited to parties. He's laughed at by the girls and even his own mother pretends she's never met him when they see each other on the street. He's so angry at all this, he's conquered the world and killed the rightful King of Excalabria. He's quite sensitive you see.

Years later, our hero, who's been raised by the King's trusted friend Blade, finds out that the latter isn't really his father - he is the heir to the throne and the person charged with the responsibility of overthrowing Tsarkon's evil domain. Preferably before teatime.

Our hero (who isn't given a name, but lets call him Thomas) has 200 Kims, the local unit of currency with which to outfit himself and guard against the slimy denizens of the local forests and caverns, not to mention the Poll Tax Bailiff. Killing monsters gives Thomas more money, which he spends on armour, weapons, healing herbs and magic spells. Each town or village has a quest of one form or another to complete before he reaches the final challenge of defeating Tsarkon: by then he'll need to be a cross between Jackie Chan and Paul Daniels to stand a chance of gaining victory.

Extra equipment lies around the world of Excalabria, including the fabled Sword of Vermillion, the best weapon around. Things are never what they seem, for example the King of one of the towns has a nasty habit of turning into a huge dragon. The doctors can't help him, so it's up to our hero to perform some surgery with a sharp sword. If he's got the power, that is…

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" Sword of Vermillion is easily the best RPG released on the Megadrive; its graphics are excellent, and the playability is of a high standard. I especially like the way that every character in the game can be talked to: this adds a great deal of interaction. The hint book helps to let players get into the game quickly, but I can't see why it has to give ALL the answers; surely the player should have to discover some things for himself. The main problem is, of course, the massive price tag. It's hard to recommend a game that costs half a ton, when there are so many other good Megadrive games. Still, I have to say this is an excellent product! "

" I don't like RPG's much; there's far too much brainwork involved for my liking - give me something to blow up any day. However, I can see that Sword of Vermillion is a stunning example of how good a game of this sort can be. Excellent menu control systems, superb graphics, truly stunning sound and massive depth of gameplay make this a game that'll keep you occupied for months (unless you use the hint book, which gives away far too many clues and lets you complete the game rather too easily). The only problem is the massive price tag - Sword of Vermillion certainly has tons of lasting appeal, but £50.00 is a hell of a lot to splash out in one go. Take a good look before breaking your piggy bank. "


Overall Score82%

Mark Radon - 10 Dec 2008, 21:58 GMT

This was my first ever RPG game and i was hooked from start to finish! I don't remember where i bought this game, just that it was second hand as it included a really useful guide to enemies and levels (handily the same size as regular Mega Drive instruction manuals) and it obviously helped a noob like me finish the game.

I can't believe how expensive it must have been for people buying it new yet i still believe it was worth every penny - smashing game!

Dan - 24 Feb 2009, 16:52 GMT

I'm into my RPGs, not the micro management crap like Baldurs Gate 2 but defo your Final Fantasies and Countdown to Doomsdays, this didn't do owt for me tho. It had a very stale/flimsy feel to it and was like RPG by the numbers.

ben - 02 Nov 2011, 19:37 GMT

sword of vermillion is UTTERLY AMAZING. best RPG on the megadrive, hands down. ok, so you have to do a hell of a lot of grinding but if you do, the long, long journeys out to remote caves aren't quite as daunting as they can be. it keeps you on the edge of your seat as the opportunity to save are few and far between really.

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Sword of Vermillion

Sword of Vermillion

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