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Getting home is always a hassle, but for Kwirk it's a major problem! Barring his way are dozens of puzzles that he completes to get to the stairs (in the first section). Sometimes he has help from his equally strange friend, as many puzzles need teamwork to finish - control is switched by us of the Select button.

Kwirk's a tomato hell-bent on rescuing his girlie, and can choose either individual levels or a series against the clock.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Kwirk is another one of those simple, but very addictive puzzle games that suit the Gameboy very well. There are loads and loads of different screens, so it doesn't become boring quickly, and it gets incredibly hard later on and really taxes your brain. Highly recommended to puzzle fans. "

" This is an above-average puzzle game, but once you've solved each level there's no interest left. Still, it's cleverly designed and fun to play. Recommended for puzzle fans. "


Overall Score85%

Mean Machines Issue 7 - April 1991
Platform Game Nintendo Gameboy
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