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Bomber Boy's got to clear his world of nasties, and the only way to do it is to blow them all to smithereens! Each maze is infested with monsters, some of which are intelligent enough to evade the boy's blasts.

The shop provides useful items, such as more powerful bombs or timed ones. Other purchases can only be made when Bomber has collected more money.

So it's boom time for the boy in this explosive game. Let's hope he's not on a short fuse!

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" I'm a big fan of the PC Engine version, and this includes a faithful version of that. I'm not so keen on the Bomber Boy game, but it'll be of interest to fans. The password system is a great help, and I'm happy to see that present. An interesting game, but perhaps not one of the best around at the moment. "

" This is quite an outstanding little package. Not only have you got Bomber Boy, an excellent little game in itself, you've also got Bomber Man, a brilliant version of the PC Engine classic! And a special competitive two-player game on top of that!! All the games on this cartridge are very addictive, and offer plenty of long-term appeal. Put it at the top of your shopping list. "


Overall Score81%

Mean Machines Issue 7 - April 1991
Puzzle Game Nintendo Gameboy
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Bomber Boy

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