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Rad Gravity is a mean dude with a highly interesting kind of hobby. Just like your average train spotter, Rad Gravity collects numbers. But these are very special numbers because they are in fact, highly complex co-ordinates that enable him to beam down to alien planets.

Why he actually does this is something of a mystery, because when he actually beams down to the planet he isn't really interested in conversing with the inhabitants or enjoying the scenery. No, he gets far more excitement from trying to find more co-ordinates for other planets. Understandably, the planets' inhabitants value their privacy and find a visit from Rad about as enjoyable as getting the runs in a spacesuit. That means they're going to do everything in their power to kill him!

The player adopts the mantle of Mr Gravity at the beginning of his co-ordinate locating quest. The object is to simply beam down to the nearest planet and negotiate the platform landscape until the main computer complex is located. When their security has been breached, Rad can get the numeric goodies and return to his ship where the next, more dangerous mission lies in wait...

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" Rad Gravity impresses from the outset with the cockpit graphics, exhibiting one of the largest sprites I've ever seen in a Nintendo game (though Megaman 2's end-of-game boss still holds that title). The actual game isn't too bad with plenty of platform-based alien blasting thrown in and a nice line in power-ups. Unfortunately, although the game is technically accomplished and rather playable, there isn't really anything that special to keep the player occupied. There's no real atmosphere or fiendish platform puzzles to astound or amaze either. That's not to say that Rad Gravity is a boring game. It's just that the NES has some of the best platform games on it ever (Megaman and Mario for instance) and Rad Gravity simply isn't as special. Recommended to platform game fans. "

" Rad Gravity is yet another very good Nintendo platform game. There's certainly plenty of action, and the sprites are really good - Rad looks the part with his whopper chin and his manful swagger as he strides into action, and some of the baddies are beautifully animated. It's a shame the backdrops aren't also up to the same high standards - they're rather plain and dull - but I suppose you can't have everything. The gameplay is quite tough, and the emphasis is squarely on blasting action, so this should therefore appeal to platform addicts who don't like puzzles getting in the way of their shooting and jumping. "


Overall Score82%

Mean Machines Issue 7 - April 1991
Platform Game Nintendo Entertainment System
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