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Basketball is a sport that everyone's played at school and enjoyed - unless they happen to be a midget! Slam dunks, steals, and zone defence are words not often heard in a British sport, but in the States and other countries the game is a national institution.

One or two players compete in either an Exhibition (a one-off game) or a tournament season. There are eight teams to choose from in Exhibition mode, with the selection spanning the States from Seattle to Boston.

When the team screen appears it's time to choose who plays where. The Left Forward may have all the throwing power of an English cricketer, whereas one of the defenders might be a star shooter - so switch them around! Zone or Man-to-Man defence are selectable, depending on whether the team concentrates on attack or not. Shots from outside the area score three points, those inside only get two.

Stealing the ball happens when the C button is pressed, providing the player under control is able, and near enough to the opponent. Button A makes the player jump, either to shoot of to block a shot. Time Outs can only be called when the ball is dead, so wait until a travelling or pushing offence occurs.

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" The graphics vary tremendously, from the excellent shot sequences to the poor, blobby crowd around the court. The players move realistically, and being able to switch their positions can have a major effect - and adds another dimension to the game. On the down side, the matches can seem to go on too long, and so monotony tends to set in, especially if the teams aren't evenly matched. It's also much better when played against a human opponent - a common fault in sport games. So if you're a fan of the game, this is a good buy, but whether it's worth the price otherwise is debatable. "

" There's no doubting that this is an excellent game of computer basketball. The graphics are very good, with nice animations on the players, realistic ball movement and very impressive animated scoring screens. The computer opponent is fairly challenging, but for maximum enjoyment you really need to play against a human player. Basketball fans are bound to thoroughly enjoy the action - although I don't think the game has that secret ingredient which would make it totally appealing to a broader range of gamesplayers. "


Overall Score79%

Dan - 24 Feb 2009, 16:21 GMT

Jaz's review is bob-on, entertaining game for a while, but it soon grew dull and 1 player mode was very short lived.

Michael - 11 Oct 2011, 08:58 GMT

Spot on review, just googled this game review as my nan bought it for me when I was a kid and she has just passed away. I loved the game personally but all my friends laughed at it, Great scenes, fun gameplay and lucky for me I could sit there for hours playing it.

Suds - 28 Aug 2015, 13:58 GMT

This is a great Megadrive/Genesis basketball game!
The music in Super real basketball is very cheerful and the
game is easy to play! Highly reccomended!

Mean Machines Issue 7 - April 1991
Sports Game Sega Megadrive
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