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The World Cup is one of those events that haunts the imagination - and the media. Ever since last summer, it's been impossible to forget the tournament. And just in case your memories were fading, Nintendo have decided to release a World Cup game to help bring them flooding back.

NWC can be played by up to four players, although one or two is the most common combination since you have to have the Four Score adaptor (mentioned in MEAN MACHINES 5) for four-player frolics.

Tournament mode pits one or two players against a selection of the World Cup finalists, whereas match play has a one-on-one situation allowing four players (two a side) to compete.

Only one single player on each team is controlled at any time, but options allow choices such as whether the computer-controlled team members will pass, shoot or a mixture of both. Other choices include deciding whether the goalie stays put or tries to take part in the attack!

With a plethora of teams to choose from in the tournament, it's up to you to decide if Cameroon or Italy gets through to the grand final - or will it be England?

What the Mean Machines staff thought


" After the abysmal showing of the Sega World Cup game a few issues ago, my one consoling thought was that this had to be a vast improvement. Boy, I was wrong. NWC takes football games to a new low. The game system is a total mess, and only having one player under your control is a farce - why can't you switch between team members to allow for carefully prepared attacks? As it stands, NWC gives the impression that soccer is all about one player standing just outside the box, while the rest of the pitch is determined by random events. I really think it's about time for a decent console footy game, don't you? "

" There's nothing like a good football game, and Nintendo World Cup is nothing like a good football game. Squat, toad-like parodies of players flicker their way around the pitch kicking the ball with only one intent - keeling over and dying at the first opportunity. But then if I was in a game as bad as this, I'd feel obliged to do the same. Controlling only one player throughout makes the game dull since you can't string passing plays together, and as the rest of the team play football like a load of lobotomised Cabbage Patch dolls, it soon becomes incredibly frustrating - the players never do what you want them to! Even the multitude of options and a four-player game don't help save this - it isn't enjoyable, it isn't fun and it certainly isn't football. "


Overall Score33%

Mean Machines Issue 6 - March 1991
Sports Game Nintendo Entertainment System
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Nintendo World Cup

Nintendo World Cup

Nintendo World Cup

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