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Jet Force Gemini (RG)

Jet Force Gemini (RG)

Back in the days of the N64 Rare was a company that very nearly gained as much respect as Nintendo itself. The titles it created during this period were inventive, attractive and most of all highly enjoyable.

Jet Force Gemini certainly ticks all of those boxes and is also famous for pushing the N64 hardware to its absolute limit. In this exclusive look behind the scenes for Retro Gamer magazine, I spoke to Lee Musgrave (Lead Artist) and Paul Mountain (Lead Programmer), both of whom are still at Rare making brilliant pieces of software.

Special thanks go to the brilliant Cathy Campos for making this feature possible and of course Lee and Paul for giving up their valuable time.

You can check out the Retro Gamer website here.

Please right click to save or click on the link below to open in Adobe Arcobat:

DOWNLOAD Jet Force Gemini (RG) - (PDF file: 1.54 MB)

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