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Lands of Lore (RG)

Lands of Lore (RG)

Westwood Studios might be better known as the creator of the million-selling Command & Conquer series but the developer made its name producing first-person dungeon-crawlers under the Dungeons & Dragons licence.

Lands of Lore was an evolution of that concept, but the trilogy of titles struggled to gain widespread recognition under the shadow of its more popular stable mate - the aforementioned C&C.

Thanks to Rick Gush and Joseph Hewitt, without whom this piece would not have been possible. I also want to thank both guys for their patience, because this feature took a long time to get printed.

I'd also like to dedicate the final piece to memory of Rick Parks, who I know was a big influence on the final product and was held in very high regard by both Gush and Hewitt.

As always, you can find the Retro Gamer website in this direction

Please right click to save or click on the link below to open in Adobe Arcobat:

DOWNLOAD Lands of Lore (RG) - (PDF file: 1.60 MB)

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