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Geoff Crammond Interview (RG)

Geoff Crammond Interview (RG)

Geoff Crammond is a living legend in video gaming circles. The creator of such classics as Formula One Grand Prix, Stunt Car Racer and The Sentinel, Crammond became famous for his incredible attention to detail and the astonishing realism of his output.

However, in more recent times little has been heard from the man himself, which is why I consider this feature - Crammond's first interview in years - to be a particular personal highlight.

My deepest thanks go to Geoff for giving up his valuable time and for being such a pleasant bloke to deal with and to John Cook of Bad Management, who organised the entire thing. Also, I must thank Jon Ritman for putting me in touch with John Cook and getting the ball rolling on the entire piece.

You can visit the official Retro Gamer website by clicking here.

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