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Lord of the Rings Radio (SFX)

Lord of the Rings Radio (SFX)

This was quite an exciting venture for me as it marked my first piece of professionally published writing that didn't involve me sitting in front of a TV playing video games until my eyes fell out.

The 1981 BBC radio production of Lord of the Rings has gone down in history as something of an audio classic and it was a tremendous honour for me to interview Brian Sibley, one of the creative forces behind this epic project. The feature was printed in SFX magazine, which is one of the most well respected (not to mention popular) sci-fi & fantasy publications in the world.

You can check out Brian's site here and the official SFX site here.

Please right click to save or click on the link below to open in Adobe Arcobat:

DOWNLOAD Lord of the Rings Radio (SFX) - (PDF file: 1.78 MB)

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