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Virtuality (RG)

Virtuality (RG)

Featured in issue 38 of Retro Gamer magazine, this piece represents over half a year of research and hard graft and is probably the work of which I am most proud. It was also something of a test for me as I knew very little about the company before starting the feature. However this made it all the more interesting as I discovered things that both shocked and entertained me, and hopefully the readers the Retro Gamer felt the same way when reading it.

No one has ever really written about the failure of virtual reality so it felt good to be the first person to really look at the history of this doomed company. Ex-staffers Don McIntyre and Matt Wilkinson both came through wonderfully and supplied me with many amusing and enlightening quotes.

Check out the Retro Gamer site here.

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DOWNLOAD Virtuality (RG) - (PDF file: 2.70 MB)

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