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Land of the Rising Console

Land of the Rising Console

It's hard to believe that there was a time when Japanese consoles were seen as 'obscure' in the West. This excellent CVG feature from the late 80's gives a good indication of what the market was like way back then. It features news about the PC engine, Megadrive and NES, as well as some exclusive comments from Hudson Soft. Much of what is contained within is common knowledge now, but back when this was published it really was cutting edge news and is one of the reasons that CVG was so well-respected as a magazine. The writer is called Nick Kelly - if you read this Nick, please get in touch and let us know what you're doing now!

Please right click to save or click on the link below to open in Adobe Arcobat:

DOWNLOAD Land of the Rising Console - (PDF file: 948.27 KB)

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