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Issue 12

Issue 12

Those of you that like animal-related watersports will no doubt be thrilled by the photo of a cat on the loo, as submitted by 'Mr Big One'. Greg Hounsom and Chris Newman sent the other entries.

Greg Hounsom actually got in touch with us at the Archive and had this to say:  "Hi There, great site. As you might recognise from my name, I am the person who sent in the picture of my dog Candy to get into issue 12 of the mag. When I found this on web I laughed as I hadn't seen it for years and years. I still have every copy of Mean Machines up until it split and went SNES and SEGA. Funnilly enough, I am actually in the games industry now working as a Producer for Sony. So I guess my passion for games and the knowledge I picked up from Rignall, Radion Automatic and co. paid off!"

See kids? Reading Mean Machines gets you into high profile jobs. Fact.

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